June 2, 2011

Hall Tree Happy

I have always wanted a hall tree in the space by our side door.  The space is small and narrow and is the intersection of the driveway entrance, the back stairs and the laundry room.

I have found several that I liked but they were always too large in depth, meaning that the glass door would slam into it.  We are a rough family with all these boys...so that disaster I did not need.

At an estate sale in the Heights, we came across this one.  Tall and narrow, it fit the bill.

I had convinced my Magoo to rent a truck and go junking around town.  This was no easy task since our house is loaded to the gills and so was the storage unit.  But I had a plan and I was on a mission.

Long story short- we came home with quite a load and had a blast bumping along in the U-haul.   We got filthy from digging thru stuff at a house that was being gutted and renovated.   But yard sales or an estate sale at a warehouse full of antiques is no place to be a Nancy about getting a little dust and dirt on you.

Magoo usually has no interest in such adventures as he might get his Polo dirty, but I think I may have converted him that day.  We had so much fun. 

I used chalk paint in Old Ochre and Antibes Green with antique wax.

While initially there were comments like "Mom...that's really, really green",  it grew on us and now I just need to finesse it up a little with the right accessories.  I threw together a few things for the photo but I am not satisfied with it in the least.   It will wait until we get home from vacation.  And nothing will happen.  :  )

I haven't had time to go find a great knob for the drawer.  For now it's a chicken knob that I brought home from the Biltmore a few years ago.  One of those "keeps"  I found in my office cabinet the other day.  And one I don't particularly care for anymore.  It's just not the right thing, so the hunt continues.  I used the original hardware everywhere else until I come across something I like better.

Taking a photo in that space was a little awkward...but I hope you can see the happy moment it is in that small space.  

Yes, I cut my hair off.  :  o


  1. I am feeling your hall tree it has such character! I just finished building a hall tree so I just had to pop over and see yours. I love how you painted it, Beautiful!

  2. Tina, this pic looks like it could be Mimi! You are both so incredibly gifted and talented. Everything you touch is beautiful!

  3. Oh, what a fun find! Your photographs are amazing. You have a great eye! Thanks for your VERY kind comments at Red Hen Home!

  4. Love the photography here! Wow! Not too much green for me by the way! Go for the gusto!

    Thanks for stopping by. I will be watching to see where chicken wire shows up at your place!

  5. This is a great piece, I love it!
    You did a wonderful job on it.


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