September 4, 2011

Leftover Paint and a Corgi Bath

Henry the Dirty Dog...

                                         Henry the Dirty Dog thinking he can escape a bath.      

 And his partner in crime...Sassy Sophie.  That's her "I'm getting ready to run" pose.

You might wonder where they get muddy since we are in the middle of a drought.   Long story short, the salt cell in the pool wasn't working properly so the pool techs thought they needed to drain our pool to restore the salt water to normal...three times.    All that water could have housed a whale.  I'm not happy to report that this big light bulb moment they had...came after the draining.   Um, wouldn't you check the salt cell before you drain off a gazillion gallons of water?  Guess not.  We'll probably have to sell the house to pay the water bill.  Grrrrrrrrr.  Can you hear my annoyance?  Then factor in the swamp area in the yard where the genius tech ran a giant pump hose under the fence to drain the water.  In a perfect world, the water would drain away from the yard...but our yard slants so we got our own mud pit.

I guess you want me to get to part about the paint... 

I have a big copper tub hanging out back that serves a dual purpose. 

1.)  It covers the ugly fireplace vent during the summer.
2.)  I take it down and use it for washing the dogs after they've been mud hogging or rolling around in stinky mulch.

Unfortunately, they know what it's for and run like little squirts whenever they see me get it down.  There's a ridiculous game of Smokey and The Bandit going on out there, if you know what I mean.  And I'm definitely playing the role of bumbling, fumbling Buford T. Justice.  

It's really a pointless exercise, anyway.  As soon as they are clean, they head right back to the mud to roll around and get happy again. 

After all, they're dogs.  Duh.  ;  )

All crafters know that a good thing can always be made better with a little paint.

With the tiny bit of paint that I had leftover from the cabinet, the tub got a makeover.   And maybe a disguise?  (Insert evil laugh here)

No way, they weren't falling for it.  A sweet Corgi Bath to entice them, right?  Er, no.  I needed chicken strips for that.  Failure again.  They were wise to that, too.   What kind of Corgi would fall for such trickery ?  Am I new here?

Here are a few weird iPhone pics washed out by harsh sunlight and whatever filter I had on.  I can't really see the phone display out in that blinding sun.  Hopefully, you can make out the words Corgi and Bath on each side of the tub.

The bottom of the tub was already painted a dark blue, so with a little chalk paint in Old White and Duck Egg Blue -

Sophie and Henry's Official Corgi Bath.   If I can catch them.  ;  )

Have a great Labor Day!


  1. too funny! laughing at your disguised bath tub. :) SO sorry about the wasted water, though! ouch!

  2. Harry the Dirty Dog was one of my sons favorite books when he was little!YOu have Harry the dirty Dog,lol! Your dirty dogs are pretty cute!

  3. That's so funny. Dogs will be dogs. Love that tub.

  4. That's a cute story, and part of the joys of pets! The tub is adorable. Patti

  5. Oh my gosh--how TOTALLY precious!!!

  6. Hi Tina - you have the cutest pups! Looks like yours do you the same way my yorkies do me at bath time... it's like playing hide and seek around here! :) Sorry about the mess with your pool and all that wasted water - and that huge bill coming your way too! And I love what you've done to the big tub... I don't know if the disguise will fool the dogs... but it looks awfully cute, and that's what matters, right? Thank you for stopping by my blog. I'm your newest follower! :-)

  7. Hee hee. Smart dogs. Love the tub makeover.

    I own a short legged doxie.

    Lil dogs rule.

  8. Love that you made the dog tub cute!! My weenie dogs run like scared girls (though they are both very tough boys) anytime they see me with the hose. ; )

  9. They are so darn cute!!
    I love your blog, so glad I found you.
    Thanks for always stopping by my blog and leaving me such lovely comments!!
    Have a beautiful day.

  10. My goodness! Henry and Sophie have a very fancy tub for bathing (I'm sure they don't see it that way though)! I'm with you on the water issue; ugh!!!


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