April 5, 2012

At Last

Don't fall over, but I finally finished a project.
This cabinet is two pieces that my son and his friend dragged home for me last summer.
It was a pale yellowish color and u.g.l.y,
but I saw potential.
The poor thing's husband lives in my garage- they are separated at the moment.
There's no room for him here, so I think
he'll be a patio table.

For this project, I made my own "chalk like" paint.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

 I filled it with some of my keeps.
My white pitchers came from Horchow in 1999.
They came in a set of five-
I've loved them forever.

 My bean pot and more of the pitchers.

I'm glad I painted the top. ;)

The top holds a Swedish beer bottle that I found in Brenham.

It's a really large one measuring 18" tall.
Below is it's glass stopper.

On the sides, I did a fern transfer that looks hand painted.
I've had these for years and I have no idea if they still make them or not.  
Sorry that I don't have the brand or source for you.
That's what happens when you hoard craft supplies, right?
Hey, I knew I'd need them someday!

Squirrels and lavender on an Italian cake plate from Horchow and Anthropologie measuring spoons. 

This wonderful scale is from Sweden and belonged to my hubby's grandmother and great grandmother.

I am thrilled that it is now in it's fourth generation of family.
Yes, it still works.

I love this old couple.  
1950's Enesco Japan.

A favorite embroidered and framed quote
by Louisa May Alcott.

A Florenza salt cellar- unfortunately missing it's tiny tongs.

Before the makeover. 

In progress.

I painted the cabinet in Sherwin Williams 
Grounded- brown
Underseas- blue
These were sample pots of flat paint.
I mixed one part human grade DE (diatomaceous earth) to three parts paint.

Do not use DE unless it's food grade. 

Very important.

The stuff you can buy at Lowe's is not human grade.
You can find it in health food stores.
So besides the health benefits and the fact that it kills bugs without putting toxins in our house-
It makes chalk like paint!

I crazy painted it and distressed it.
Light wax/ dark wax.

I really don't have room for it, but after moving a few things around I think it's in a good spot.
What do you think?
The beer bottle cost more than this cabinet!

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. so much interest and personality!

    hope you'll stop by my blog where i'm hosting a great giveaway:



  2. Saw this on Funky Junk Saturday nite Special and had to take a better look. This is beautiful! I love your security team - my team is sleeping under my feet. I have been repainting furniture for decades and know how much work is involved. Just started trying different recipes of chalk paint - have had compliments on my tables, but still not convinced it is better than coat, sand, coat, sand, etc, then wax, wax, wax!

  3. Very nice cabinet. You did an awesome job on that! I love your style.

  4. This looks great and I love how you have styled it with all your treasurs! My favorite is the little vinette of the squriel and of course that amazing scale. Thanks for the chalk paint recipe too! I can't wait to try it.

    :) Michelle

  5. wow!!! DEFINITELY worth more than a beer!!
    keep having fun!!

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  7. Great makeover! I enjoyed seeing your various vignettes.

  8. I love when people display personal items beautifully. It really makes a house feel like a 'home'. Thank your for sharing at Cowgirl Up this week. Love having you at our party!
    :) Samantha @ Crafty Texas Girls

  9. Your makeover is lovely! Love your vignettes, but hands down favorite....the ferns! They DO look hand-painted!

  10. That hutch Looks great. I love all the trinkets in it. I have 3 little ones running around and I just know they would break anything I had at rams reach so I'll have to wait till they are a bit older before I can decorate like that, But I rely want to. Good job. I'm happy I found your wonderful blog I'm now following, I would love it if you came to visit me and share this and any other things you would like to share at my party. @ http://www.arosiesweethome.com/search?updated-max=2012-04-08T19:30:00-07:00&max-results=7

  11. The change is fantastic, and I really love all your lovely collection of treasuries.

    Thanks for Sharing them with us trought this pics :)

  12. Beautiful transformation! It looks like an old European antique passed down through the generations. Visiting from Cowgirl Up.

  13. You'd never know it was not a set! Your remake looks great, Tina. I love your little white pitchers and other beauties. :)

  14. Beautiful job. I just love how you have it styled too.

  15. Hi, saw you on Crafty Texas Girls and wanted to take a look at your hutch. You have done a superb job and your decor is perfect on the hutch especially those pitchers. Thanks.


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