April 5, 2013

Shake and Bake -ASCP Fabric Dye Update

 Hello again!
Some of you are waiting for the next color trial,
so here it is in time for the weekend.
This time I used Aubusson Blue and a linen pillowcase that had an iron on transfer.
It's been washed several times and then became Bruce's, so it's a good candidate.
I wasn't sure if the dye would take over the transfer.
Surprise- it did.

I mixed my paint/water in a juice container.
You don't need measurements here, seriously.
It's like playing with watercolors- keep playing with it until you love it.
Put the lid on tightly and shake it, baby.

If you are a scare baby, go back to 'the recipe' of 1 part paint to 20 parts water.
(Was anyone reminded of the Baldwin sisters on Walton's Mountain just now?
The Recipe?)
Ah, my mind does wander.

I placed my pillowcase into a bowl and poured the mixture on top of it,
let it sit for a minute, then flipped it over and covered it with more.
It's less messy to do it that way, especially for small pieces.
Make sure your bowl or container is large enough to avoid spills.
I had my bowl in the sink
The larger things will be done in a tub outside.
It does NOT stain my white sink.

I love how the linen grabs the color.
This soaked for 20 minutes.
After wringing it out, I laid it out in the sun for 30 minutes.
It felt kind of stiff, so I threw it in the dryer for 5 minutes.
Bake it, baby.

Are you loving the way it deposits so unevenly?  I am.
Remember that natural and untreated fabrics work best.
I have some drapes that I might try next.
They've been sitting in a cabinet forever, so why not?
I've always loved mixing potions and playing with color and texture,
 so I'm definitely not finished playing yet.

After I removed the fabric from my container,
I poured my potion back into the juice bottle to reuse tomorrow.
The color sinks to the bottom of your container, so stir before re-use.

I also put the pink things thru a cold wash cycle with Tide
and threw in some white towels to see if the paint would bleed.
Success again!  It didn't.
I threw them in the dryer and they came out soft and with no fading.
I'll be wearing that tee shirt and maybe wearing Sophie's babushka, too.
I might create a complete Annie Sloan summer wardrobe! ;)

I realize that ASCP is almost $40 a quart.
You may be thinking that this is an expensive way of dyeing fabric.
But really, it took so little paint!  
So if you already have your favorite colors and you'd like to match a fabric,
this is genius!
I have so many different types of fabrics that I'll try some samples this weekend.
Add a little Graphite to darken, add a little Old White to lighten.
The possibilites are endless.

Go make your own potion!


  1. Shake n bake!!

    Can we see Bruce modeling this, babushka style a la Sophie?!


  2. Wow! You are having some serious fun with this! They should be sending you free paint. Turned out just gorgeous! Thanks for being the guinea pig for us scare babies!!

  3. Tina- Amazing. I have painted fabric pieces for years but never tried dying using paint. Genius! Love the way it turned out-xo Diana

  4. Maybe the secret is in dog drool for this item?

    You can model your new clothes for April's TICT, it's about what we wore like around the house.


  5. Or moonshine from the mountain.

  6. Scare baby #2 keeping a close eye on this and lovin' it!! Thanks for sharing your science experiments with us!

  7. Love this blue. Would look nice with the jars. ;)

  8. You know I can't even do spongepaint, but I still want to comment!

    You are awesome.

  9. How smart!
    The color is beautiful.
    I can't wait to see what you do next!

    Have a great week!

    White Spray Paint

  10. What a fun idea for me to try! I love the idea of dyeing fabric. Must find the book this week- I need some inspiration. :-) Thanks for sharing. Visiting from Courtney's party. ~ Sue

  11. I love seeing you do all the trial and error on this, only I'm not seeing the error. Looks like a fun way to make a colorful change. Thanks for the idea!

  12. Your a crazy genius!!! I would have never, never thought to try this, girl!

  13. Interesting! Adding this to my list of projects to try.

  14. The pillow cover turned out so cute. I will have to remember the "recipe".

  15. I have only light colors ASCP but I loved reading about your experiments.


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