January 9, 2014

Thrifty Life Thursday @ Revi's

There's a new party girl in town!
I'm heading over to link up with 

This is her first party, so please support this sweet thrifting lady.

My thrifty item this week is a turquoise lantern that I found at our local ReStore.
After I removed all the wiring, bugs and dirt -
I have used it in my fall decor, for Halloween and again for Christmas.

Here's a look.

By placing it on a concrete planter, I created a pretty little beacon of light for my office.
Please disregard the pile of crappola in the background reflection.

I used it to hold creepy Jack from The Shining in a Halloween post.

The glass door made for a very cool reflection.

A close up shot made for a pretty Christmas card.

And you saw it again when I posted about Skirl Girl.

I rarely use a thrifty junkin' find as it was intended.
It's way more fun to use my imagination and make something more appealing to me.

Yes, the thrill of the find...even if we have no idea what we will do with it when we spot it.
The turquoise lantern was waiting for me.

What's waiting for you today?

Head over and link up with your thrifting/junking find.
We all have more than enough to share!


  1. your lantern is very cool. even with creepy jack...

  2. I knew I could count on a party girl like you! Your lantern exudes charm, and I love how it takes on a different personality when you use it in different ways. Very creative use of a cool object, Tina! It sort of becomes a cloche...only cooler. :)Thanks for coming to the party!

  3. I love your thrifty lantern! What a fun and versatile item to have! Hoping to link up in a day or two!

  4. OH that is a beautiful lantern...such a wonderful find! So many great ways to use it! Thanks so much for visiting from Revi's party!

  5. I wish the ReStore near me had such wonderful finds! Your lantern is a great find and you've come up with great ways to use it in your home, Tina! I'm partying at Revi's, too.

  6. Pretty lantern. I love thrift stores.:)

  7. Hi Tina-
    Happy New Year!
    What a wonderful lantern!

    I am off to check out Revi's party.

    White Spray Paint

  8. I was just over on Rev's blog...now I need to find some thrifty vintage stuff :) love the lantern

  9. Love your lantern. I love to find these old porch lights at ReStore and
    re-purpose them to lanterns, electric or for candles. That looks like a really old one and beautiful. Love how you have shown it off. Hope to get up a post for Revi.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  10. That is a cool idea! I love how you can use the lantern for so many different looks. I like the candle and bird it it for this time of year--light and life.

  11. Great Lantern! It's amazing how different it looks in each vingette, I really enjoy it!

  12. What a perfect lantern. It has served you well!!! xo Diana

  13. Love your lantern. Our ReStore is a bit pricey. xo Laura

  14. Your lantern is FABULOUS!! Love the color, and oh what fun you're already having with it.
    Mary Alice

  15. What a fantastic find!! I love your lantern and how you've used it! :)

  16. What a neat lantern! You've used it in many different ways, that's for sure. Very creative my friend! I do love Creepy Jack ~ as an actor, he's a favorite of mine.


  17. i missed the party, but, i'm go check it out. love the lantern, love restore stores, too:) jack does creepy really well!

  18. Oh, love this lantern! One of my favorite colors. Oh, I can just here Jack saying, "here's Johnny"! I hopped over from Revi's new party.

  19. Hey girl, you were featured at Revisionary Life "Thrifty Life Thursday."

  20. Great find! I love lanterns.

  21. Ha! I have two old lanterns similar to yours in my stash of old lights and I meant to clean them up for my Christmas mantle. But I did not. You've found some beautiful ways to use yours. I love seeing your pictures. Your palette is gorgeous. I didn't see any stacks of anything in your mirror by the way!
    Glad to know about Revi's party. I'll check it out next week.


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