May 21, 2014

I Know (I Know)

                            Have you ever seen something that made you feel happy from the inside out?
And then made you feel happy a little more each time you saw it?
This video of Ben Ames and his daughter is my all time favorite video gone viral.
I find myself singing or humming the tune all day
 and I have watched it a shameless number of times.


     To watch the darling video Click HERE

Sadly, I couldn't watch it all day.
What I could do was put a visual reminder up.

"Tonight You Belong to Me" is a popular American song,
 written in 1926 by lyricist 
Billy Rose and composer Lee David.

 It sits next to my computer. 
 All I have to do is glance at it and little Adelaide is singing in my head.
That child is a stress melter.  
(Thank you to Adelaide's daddy and the pink ukelele.)
What do you have close by that makes you smile?
I'd love to know!

For the swap at Tarnished Royalty, I'm offering up two summery aprons.
I bought them years ago when I was on a vintage apron kick.
The seller was unsure if they were newly made to appear vintage or were actually vintage.
Either way, these aprons are cute and will remind you of your Grandma's kitchen.



  1. That video is adorable, Tina. xo Laura

  2. i have watched that several times, too. she is adorable and talented, as is her father. :)

  3. Love your aprons. The video is adorable . We need more daddies like that. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. she's just adorable, tina!--tfs! love the cute aprons:) around here most smiles are because of bailey--she's so funny:)

  5. How sweet is that video?! I love it. I also love that Daddy is playing a little pink uke. Adorable. They have their own variety show by now, right? ;)

  6. Ptshhhhh. That means there's a firework coming.

  7. Oh I watched that over and over it makes me smile every time since the first time I seen it.What a lucky girl to have a Dad like that and he to have such a sweet daughter. Love the aprons. Hug B

  8. Oh my gosh, I hadn't seen that Tina, but it is just adorable. Absolutely love her big finish! The aprons are so cute too. I keep a couple of vintage aprons that were my mother's hanging in my kitchen. ~Ann
    Tarnished Royalty

  9. That is so cute, Tina. It is those little things that so endear our grandkids to us, isn't it? What pure joy she is!

    Love the vintage aprons. Someone will snap those up! xo Diana

  10. I love that video, too, and I love that they chose a song that folks don't really know. (next, it should be another song from the 20s or 30s.) Love the aprons! I need to get stuff photographed for the next swap.

  11. Well I have a big old grin on my face now too - thanks so much for - shhhh! - sharing lol
    The cutest ever !

  12. Tina,
    that video is the sweetest, she's adorable! Your aprons are very cool!
    Thanks for your sweet comment about Kate's wedding, it was the best day!

  13. I'm gonna go check it out again, the swap that is. I know, I know I said that last week too!

  14. I'm gonna go check it out again, the swap that is. I know, I know I said that last week too!

  15. Well that was nothing short of adorable and leave to you to be inspired to make a frame with the words! Lovely!

  16. I really love those aprons. Do you want to swap for my heart pillows? Or anything else I've linked in the past that didn't get swapped? (the shoes or jewelry) ~Ann
    Tarnished Royalty

  17. OMIGOSH I love that video!!!!!!! Now I have to watch it a million times.


  18. Tina! The aprons arrived Saturday, and oh my are they ever cute! Even better in person! Thanks again for participating in Drop It or Swap It! ~Ann
    Tarnished Royalty


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