August 13, 2014

Today's the day...

Hi everyone...
I'm excited to say that today @ 5PM, you may browse The Keeping Room!

Click on the banner on the sidebar and you are in,

Every Wednesday @ 5PM,
I'll be opening the doors for you to browse new items.
Items will be limited in number, as I am only one woman with a machine.
There will always be something new...from vintage finds to whatever I felt like making that week.
When it's gone, it's gone...unless stated otherwise.

No schedule, no pressure, no mass orders.

(Yes, that IS a chicken with it's head chopped off...or rather chewed off.  Bruuuuce!)

Yes, I'm embracing the true "Nothing Will Happen" spirit here because
I want this to be be fun for all of us.
I have a busy life that is sometimes really stressful- just like most of you.

I'm not here to get rich or famous- I just enjoy making pretty things.
I enjoy the hunt for unique and interesting finds and the stories that come with them.
I hope you will enjoy what I share with you.
It's from the heart.
And from a very overloaded stash in my sewing room. ;)

Come by this evening if you have a minute!
If you see something you like, just email me the item number and
I will invoice you thru PayPal.
Shipping is included in the posted prices.
I want The Keeping Room to be for us - our community of crazy, artsy fartsy women (and a few men).
So enjoy!


  1. laughing at the headless chicken! and the wine hint. :) off to peruse...

  2. oh, bad bruce, but, that chicken is too funny, tina!! congrats and have fun with your store:)

  3. See, Bruce really does come in handy!!! The chicken is hilarious! You go girl:@)

  4. Good luck on your new venture!

  5. Exciting stuff! Sorry, I'm later than fashionably late...but I wanted to remind you to thank Bruce that you could in all honesty say you were running around like a chicken with your head cut off! I've actually seen one of those in real life...:)

  6. How much for that there headless chicken? Bruuuuce! ahahahaha!

  7. Actually, I am digging the headless chicken....Halloween will be here soon!

  8. Now I know what to get Kirby for Christmas.

  9. Love that chicken too! LMAO!! Guess you should consider making headless chickens! Good luck and I hope you enjoy your Keeping Room! Off to check out the latest!


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