March 19, 2015

Baskets, Baskets, Baskets

What do you do with those holiday gift baskets when the celebrating is over?
I couldn't bring myself to throw them away.
They weren't what I would call the best quality, but still could be useful in some way.
I decided on a a few 5 minute projects to reuse them.

A painted wood finial from a curtain rod was added to this basket after a quick paint job
with Maison Blanche La Bonne Terre.
The finial screwed into the wood bottom of the basket easily.
I'm planning on using it in my laundry room to hide my battery chargers.

The next basket is pretty flimsy, but was still useable after the fruit was gone.

With a quick coat of paint and a bulldog knob,
I made a plate cover to hide the JackMonkey's food, treats and meds.

Out of sight, out of mind.
I hope.

 The little stinker climbed a shelf on one side of my kitchen island 
to help himself to treats and toys.
He knocked a few other things off into the floor.

I'm telling you...he's 25% puppy and 75% monkey.

I drilled a hole thru the basket bottom and added the bulldog knob.
The knob came from Hobby Lobby.

This one is the bottom of a wooden basket that I use for Christmas oranges.
I added the "fresh oranges" transfer a few years ago but thought 
I could use the basket in other ways, too.
I had vinyl numbers on the table, so on they went-
  the most popular phone number ever for us 80's ladies.
Jenny, Jenny...
And according to my sons, a great number to give out to an annoying person
who won't stop asking for your number.
Add your own area code and it's a done deal.
Very easy to slip by their generation. ;)
I simply added the numbers and dry brushed some ASCP mixed paints over them.
It was dry in minutes, so all I had to do was pull off the vinyl and it was finished.

Here it is from Christmas.
I wish I had a gingerbread man right now.

The last two involve an old laundry basket.
They are painted with Maison Blanche Sugar Cane.
With the lid, I made a simple wreath for the side door.

I like the coated chicken wire ribbon.
You can find it @ Hobby Lobby.
My door is painted in ASCP Napoleonic Blue.

Yes, I have more cow knobs...
Like, more cow bell?
More cow knobs!

The basket sits over a lamp to soften the light.
This room has all the natural light it needs, but in the evenings this adds a little glow to the room without turning on the chandy or the can lights in the kitchen.
The basket is almost 2 ft. tall to give you an idea of scale.

So there you have it-
the things I create on rainy days!

As always, I'm so glad you visited me here at What We Keep.
I'm hoping to have new things added to The Keeping Room by the end of the month.
The puppy/monkey has me a bit behind.
No complaints, though.
Loving on that little velvet head makes for a happy day.

Go, Jack, Go.
No, Jack, No!


  1. Wow, Tina, I knew you were one of the clever ones, but you have outdone yourself with all the basket make-overs. Love the upside down for your laundry and the one for Monkey-Boy's private stash is just precious, almost as precious as that climbing peeing puppy. He is peeing, isn't he or maybe you need to check your stairs. I love, love, love, his stories. Of course, this story wasn't mostly about him at all but somehow, it turned out to be..Happy Thursday..Judy

    1. hahaha! He'd better not be! He was running!

  2. oh, that little fart is so cute! :) cute basket ideas. i love the phone #. you're so funny.

  3. Tina,
    Looove all your basket reloves. That little Jack is to adorable. Such a cutie.

  4. I am so crazy about baskets that I keep baskets in baskets and hardly ever get rid of them. Yours are very clever!

  5. JH is so precious. I do think he is smart enough to SMELL his treats and pick out which beautiful basket cover to look under. I have often wondered what the unfortunate people who are given that number do with all the calls?

  6. Really great ideas for reusing baskets, and also for giving out fake phone numbers! ~Ann

  7. Great post. More cow bell, lol. Your little monkey is too cute.

  8. Lovin' the look of that first basket! Jack just cracks me up-stay strong and enjoy:@)

  9. What great ideas for baskets! Love them all. And that puppy.

  10. Every basket redo is amazing and uniquely your style. Give Jack Henry (monkey boy) a hug and kiss for me.

  11. I love baskets. I recall when we put them on the wall in the seventies. Well, that look is back!

  12. Tina,
    those are some great ideas, you clever thing! I like to pretend that I don't remember that phone number! Jack Henry is full of it, the little bugger! I know he keeps you hoppin!

  13. Cutest dog ever! 8675309....too funny and thanks for the blast from the past! Your baskets are lovely and I have yet to paint a basket, but you've given me a few ideas! I really love that springy front door one, so clever and simple. Finn would be jealous if he saw Jacks pretty basket!

  14. Aren't you a clever little basket upcycler!

  15. A great recycle project Tina! Ahhhh puppies!

  16. How lucky for us that you have a blog and we get to see these spectacular transformations made from simple baskets! Such great ideas! Chicken wire ribbon?! Now I need that! And puppy photos! And yes, I mean to have exclamation points after each one of these sentences!

  17. I've got a stack of baskets in the basement that could use a little transformation, and you've given us lots of inspiration, Tina. I love the lid you've gussied up for your pretty blue door! The green coated chicken wire is the perfect way to tie it all together. I love the last photo. Too cute!

  18. Hi Tina, I thought these were very clever ideas for using baskets. We do seem to collect them from different things and it's nice to repurpose them if possible. I'm visiting from the Over 40 Blogging World. Have a great day. Pam

  19. I'm visiting from Over 40 Blogging World too and I am so happy to be hear. I love what you have done with your baskets! You have inspired me and believe me ~ I have plenty of baskets around here to start transforming. I have commented so feel free to do the bootie dance and when you are finished stop by for a visit!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  20. you're on creative gal!! love the phone number, so funny! my son's first love is named Jenny. :)
    that Jack of yours is Adorable!!

  21. You did some great redos! I enjoyed seeing them. I came over from the Over 40 group:)

  22. I'm like you, I hate to throw away the gift baskets and sometimes when I receive them filled with items for a present, I am already working out what I will do with the container and what goodies it will hold :-) Have a wonderful weekend x

  23. What great ways to repurpose baskets. Love the knobs you used! One of our cats is named Monkey. When we first took her in we called her Lucky, but that was quickly changed to Monkey because she was into everything. It's been a few years now and she has calmed down quite a bit, but she's still our little Monkey... even though she's not so little anymore. Thanks for the song!

  24. I had to look at that number a bit before realizing where it came from, but hey, it's late ;).

    I love baskets too. I can always find a use for them, but your ideas are behind creative and resourceful! (Stopping by from Over 40)

  25. That Jack is so funny. I love that you've repurposed all those baskets and you've done it so beautifully. xo Laura

  26. You're so creative ~ wonderful results with all your baskets! Jack is adorable ~ :)


  27. Popping over from Over 40 Bloggers on FB and what great ideas for baskets...I have them all over storing things and for displaying fresh cut flowers...baskets are so versatile.


  28. Wow, great job-so clever! (I had to laugh at the 'Jenny Jenny' basket! Funny 'meaning' plus looks amazing :)

  29. Such wonderful re-use ideas, Tina! I love the knobs you used...especially the bulldog!

  30. Wow a great re-use of baskets. I have so many baskets downstairs that I can now be using! Really very clever From over 40 and returning your sweet visit to my blog. You've gotten me thinkin!

  31. Ummmm...go chase that puppy! I mean monkey! I mean...Oh you know...get on it!


  32. Some great ideas here! I love the basket lid holding the flowers. Inspired!

  33. Your basket projects are sheer genius. I love the knobs you used!

  34. love all of the basket ideas, tina! really love the monkey:)

  35. I love baskets - but now I think I love them even more !
    I tried to put a basket on my end table in the den ( to use as a lamp ) but it didn't work - love how yours looks !

  36. Now that Song is looping in my head... along with the Classin SNL Skit... LOL... you are too clever and your Transformations are great repurposing Projects... I too am loathe to just throw any basket or interesting container away... now I have some Inspirational Solutions thanks to you! Happy Easter... Dawn... The Bohemian

  37. I love what you did with the baskets. Baskets are another one of those things that I would have sitting on every surface if I could. I love the way a basket looks and the texture they add to a room. I've just never thought of turning them over. How beautiful and love the "Fresh Oranges" basket! On a side note, I love gingerbread cookies also (in addition to chocolate) and have a great recipe on my blog for gingerbread cake. Yummy and super easy to make! The blog title is, A Little Diddy About Jack and Diane. Yes, it would be great if I wouldn't have weird post titles, but I like to mix it up a bit! :-) Have a happy, happy day!

  38. Brilliant ideas Tina! I never thought to reuse these upside down!! Love it. That Jack is just the cutest! Xo Nancy

  39. WoW....some really good ideas....I know what you mean about the baskets, I am forever looking for ways to use them!! Well, maybe not anymore!!


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