May 7, 2015

One more use for Chalk Paint

Have you ever looked at something that really bugged you....
like this stone that had more gold in it than the others?

I have lived with that one bugger of a tile for 14 years.  
The builder wouldn't replace it for a million reasons and I had bigger fish to fry during our move.  
So I let it slide.

It's always hidden by the toaster oven or a cutting board, etc.

So while I was using my favorite ASCP Old White and Country Gray,
I had one of those lightbulb moments.
A big, fat DUH moment.

A quick swish of my brush and a paper towel blot was all it took to
remove that ugly rotten stinking eyesore from my kitchen.

Yes, I do believe in magic.
It comes in a can!

I'm taking a little time away.
I need some fresh perspective and to lay my eyes on a new landscape for a bit.

Thank you for being here for me...I love you all dearly.

See you soon.


  1. laughing at your 14 year 'eyesore' gone in a flash. :) may the rest of your troubles disappear as easily (i know they don't, but it's a nice wish).

  2. Excellent move with the tile.
    See ya on the flip side.

  3. What a great idea and easy fix to the tile Tina. So smart of you. A little break is always a good thing. I know you will come out to a better place soon. Keeping good thoughts for your journey ahead. Take care. We will all be right here when you return.

  4. Your tile turned out great! I'm the kind of person who's eye would be drawn to that gold one every-single-time... Take care and give 'the baby' a hug for me:@)

  5. Relax and reflect. I've forgotten to tell you that your new blog template is lovely!

  6. Spotlight on the new and vastly improved tile. No only offensive. Yeah for chalk paint!

    Keep your eyes on the road ahead.

  7. We are all standing here, holding hands, surrounding you with our good juju. Metaphorically.

  8. Take care and remember that getting from Point A to Point B only requires putting one foot in front of the day, one hour or one minute at a time.

  9. Hi Tina:
    A simple, genius solution to a tiny aggravation. Doesn't it always seem those minor things really bug us like pebbles in your shoe? All those years, when all it needed was a little chalk paint. Brilliant! I'm off to explore your blog a bit. I regret that I haven't visited in a while. I want to see what I've missed!
    Love and hugs,
    Donna (and Tag)

  10. What a genius fix Tina! Hope you have a good break and may the road that lies ahead be paved and flat!!

  11. That looks great Tina. I always love a simple solution. Oh if life were just like that. A break is always a good thing I think. I hope peace finds you and wraps its arms around you and yours. Take good care.

  12. That looks great. I can't even tell that you touched it up... Love those lightbulb moments!

  13. That little bit of paint made all the difference! I wouldn't have been able to look at it for that long. I would have ripped it out long ago...LOL. I hope you time away is refreshing for you! Have a wonderful day!

  14. I would go on vacation too after that moment of brilliance. Have fun

  15. How did we survive without chalk paint before lol ???
    It looks great - you'd never know it was yellow before !

  16. That is brilliant, T.! It would've bothered me too. Have a great hiatus! I'll miss you, but I hope you'll be soaking up the sun, playing with the pups and having a nice margarita by the pool. xox

  17. Such a great idea! Hope you are well!


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