August 5, 2011

Seriously? When a trend goes too far.

While I enjoy some aspects of the "Industrial" trend in home decor, I must object to the idea of this nasty instrument hanging in any one's home.

Seriously????  A giant meat hook straight out of Texas Chainsaw Massacre?  Crazy!

I'm stunned, I'm shocked, I'm really creeped out.

"Designer meat hook for the serial killer with sass and style!"   Can you imagine the accessories?   

And here's the kicker- it's selling for $1435 in a gorgeous store in Houston.  Gah!

I hope they do a psychological profile on the dude that buys this thing.  'Cuz you know he'll be crazy.

Here's the description:

Forged Iron Meat Hook
20th Century
Amazing forged iron meat hook!  Amazing???

Price $1,435

Condition  Excellent 
In excellent condition!  I certainly wouldn't entertain the thought of anything less, would you?  The horror of having a giant meat hook hanging in your kitchen that didn't meet the expectations of your dinner guests!  Charles Manson would be appalled!  
height: 34 in.
depth: 23 in.

Someone call Dexter and tell him his showpiece has been found....ugh.  Ugh!  Ugh, again.

Please excuse me while I make myself a chocolate cone and watch a rerun of Nate.  I'm hoping I'll get distracted by his spiffy outfit and cutie pie smile.

I don't do crazy.  ;  )


  1. LOL! i immediately thought of Dexter too!!! ha!

  2. Good grief, what's next? I think they're running out of ideas. Can't we just stick with the "normal" and not "crazy"? Or perhaps that is what our world is coming to. I'm ready to move to my little house with the pond far, far away!

  3. Hmmm, I'm thinking I could hang the kids on it (by their shirts, of course, I'm not an animal) when they misbehave. Or maybe even that is going too far?!?

    Yes - that is horrible. Especially for $1,500!!!

  4. Too funny! I think they got that one off the set of Criminal Minds. Creepy indeed.


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