June 12, 2012

Hola Chicas!

Hola Chicas!!!

I've been missing you guys while I've been away!

I've been doing loads of different things, but here's a quickie project for you
that I made for the side entrance of our house.

1. Grab something you have laying around collecting dust.

2. Throw some paint on it.

3. Sand to distress.

4. Find more crap laying around that you aren't using.

5. Screw old painted numbers on it and add an old transfer
that barely, barely, barely comes off the paper 'cuz I bought it 10 years ago.

6.  Grab can of spray sealant and give 2-3 good coats and in less than 30 minutes,
you have instant gratification.

Something actually completed!!!

Otherwise, summer temps plus the humidity makes it feel like 108 today.
Pool repairs, again, are making me cranky.
And Magoo will be installing a new garbage disposal this evening,
after the old one went kaput and made a big wet mess in the kitchen.

I'm livin' large, my friends!

Please pray that neither of us loses a limb.
Magoo can barely tie his shoes.
He's not a Handy Dandy man.
He does make a top shelf cake, though.
That's why I married him.
The man can make cake.

 Things are blooming.

Buford  and JBird are still singing and slamming
themselves silly on the windows.

Sophie and Henry are battling allergies
like all of us.

That doesn't mean that there has been 
any reduction in play time.

This summer,  I'm going to be taking it easy and enjoying a slower pace.
I won't be around as much, but I'll catch up with you all soon.
I may not be commenting, but I'm reading when I can.
I've set a goal and I'm going to achieve it
come hell or high water.
I'm hoping you'll all hang around!
I've made some fabulous finds at a barn sale
and I can't wait to show you.

There was a "happening" while I've been away.

I'll let Miss Sally O'Malley do the talking for me!

I've been a big SNL fan forever and Molly Shannon is one of my fav's.

I have been waiting so long to say this
 and now I can.
I'm 50!
Fifty years old!

Sayonara 40's... you sucked bananas.

See you soon, friends.

Hope you are all enjoying the summer!


  1. oh, happy birthday, dear girl! my girlfriend loved this character (my friend is in her 60s now).

    and i like your 'instant gratification' project. i think you could go into business...

  2. p.s. your pups are CUTE!!!

  3. Hey girl! Glad to see you pop up in my reader...

    My 30's sucked bananas... I hope my 40's open up a bit and decide to smile on me!

    Have a great week. Hope you are doing well! (sorry about the disposal..yuk)

  4. Welcome back. I think I take blog breaks without intending too. Can't seem to get more than one post a week done even if I do happen to get a project done.

    The 50's have been great for me, so I hope the same for you.


  5. Hi Tina- Oh! It's good to see you here! It sounds like you have been a busy gal...and your quick do project is a good one. Love your 10 year old transfer.

    Have a good summer-pop by when you can and I can't wait to see what you are working on! xo Diana

  6. I just want to say 51 is great I feel set free don't ask me why I don't know. I just know that I have paid the price to be here and I am going to enjoy it. I think your quick and easy project looks like a million buck.
    See you around,and have a great summer,

  7. Happy Birthday! I am enjoying staying in this summer-don't get too hot out there!

  8. Happy Birthday Tina!!! Hope you had a lovely celebration!
    I just love your finished project! Very attractive!
    I feel for your pups! Our three have had allergies as well. Rambo had to get meds from the vet because his skin was so irritated!
    Have a great day! Don't be a stranger. :)

  9. 50 and fabulous! Happy birthday! Love your project, your porch, your doggies, but not your weather. 108 is crazy hot. Stay cool and hope your husband keeps all his fingers.

  10. Happy birthday! And requiring pool repairs means you have a pool. We just sit in puddles where I come from. Great pics!

  11. Well Happy Birthday, youngster! Haven't you heard 50 is the new 40? Or is it the new black? Oh, well, whatever it is, I hope it is the beginning of the best decade ever for you. :)

  12. Happy birthday. 50 is such a youngun. I hope you enjoy every minute of your lazy daisy summer.

  13. Happy Birthday! It just gets better and better...I promise.

    Your project is so cute! Take time to enjoy life and stop in when you can. It's too hot and humid here too! I just don't do Texas summers at all. :/


  14. Welcome to the 50's! I think every decade flies by faster than the last. I want time to slow down!

    Great house number creation!

  15. Great photos Tina, love your doggies they look so cute, this is the first time visiting your blog. I'll be back for sure :)

  16. Happy Birthday, Tina! Life only gets better after 50. I'm halfway through the decade and love being a "mature woman" - those that know me would laugh at that. And I think that's the key to staying young.

    Enjoy your summer - hopefully the pool will give you some relief from the heat.

  17. can i just repost this on my blog? okay, i'd change the 50 to 43, the dogs' names, the birds' colors, add a few crazy kids,....but the sentiment is the same!!

    happy birthday! i'll miss you this summer but will keep my eyes peeled for a post here and there as i paint, purge, pack and pine for our move to be over!!

  18. Tina,
    So good to hear from you! Happy 50!
    Girl, it's just a number and from what I've heard it is the new 40! So, that must mean 60 is the new 50? I can go for that! You're gonna have a lot of fun! I've kind of taken a unintentional break also, kind of nice, had a lot going on with the "kid" coming back home and my daughter moving out and in with her boyfriend of 4 years, helping her furnish their first house and getting the nursery ready, end of July we will be expecting a new arrival, (have not said anything about that blogwise yet but will soon)! Will be back on and off for a while but like you, checking in often.
    Have fun this summer, I'll be back to visit!

  19. TINA- I've missed you!!! ;)

    Happy 50th. Woo Hoo!

    Sally O'Malley.....Thank you,thank you so much for posting that. She was one of my FAVORITE SNL characters and I had forgotten about her. I used to imitate her (as I have done over the years with all of the characters)the jump, the kick.
    Have an amazing, relaxing summer. I will still be following whenever you post.


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