April 4, 2013

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint as Fabric Dye?

What is in that bowl of pink water?
Chalk paint, of course!

I have been eagerly awaiting Annie Sloan's new book,
Color Recipes For Painted Furniture.
She dyed a linen sheet with chalk paint...what???
I had to try it, so last night I grabbed my can of Scandinavian Pink and gave it a try.
Annie says 1 part paint to 20 parts water- 
add more or less according to the depth of color you want to achieve.
She used Aubusson Blue for her sheet...see her in the photo?

 I wasn't going to experiment with one of my vintage linen sheets, 
so I grabbed a simple cotton dishtowel and a piece of linen from a pair of white pants that I'd ruined.

The dishtowel really soaked up the paint and left the water a cloudy white.
The paint had only settled to the bottom though, and there was plenty more to play with.
I wrung out the towel, not rinsing and hung it til almost dry.
I then put it in a hot dryer for 10 minutes, hoping it set the dye.
Annie doesn't set hers with anything.
She did, however, wash a piece of the blue sheet with white linen and got 
a "delightful and delicately washed out blue".

The 'dye' is uneven in places, which really appeals to me for some uses.
It looks aged and worn, which is the effect I want.
The effect I got with my cabbage leaves made out of coffee filters was due to the way 
that the chalk paint deposits unevenly as it's absorbed.
Look back at the dishtowel and linen photo-
I added a drizzle of another brand of chalk paint that happens to be 
a few shades darker and more terracotta in tone.
That resulted in a more peachy, pale terracotta.
The AS Scandinavian Pink is really pink.
Some say it's not, but it is pink to me.

Is it colorfast?  I doubted it.
Well, I also threw in a white tee from Target and did the same process.
 This morning, I went to the sink, soaked the tee in hot water and soap and to my surprise...
my white sink didn't have a bit of pink in it.
It held!  
I'm going to try a richer, darker color today and will post about my results.

I pre-ordered my book from Barnes and Noble, but it's out in the stores now I believe.
It's around $16 and filled with 40 projects, fabulous ideas and paint color recipes.

See Annie's new book HERE

Sophie looks pretty in pink, don't you agree?
She loves her new kitchen towel  scarf.
She's a proper Corgi.

Thank you, Annie!
You've given us even more ways to play with your chalk paint.

And we love it!
I sewed up a few lavender drawer sachets with my linen scraps.
And yes, stitch police...I know they are off center.
They are scraps...
Nothing Will Happen.
wink. wink.

Not affiliated with Annie Sloan or Barnes and Noble.
Just sharing with Annie fanatics everywhere.
No Corgi was harmed in this photo shoot.
She was compensated by WWK for her participation, however.


  1. 'no corgi was harmed...' :)

  2. That looks great, Tina. It's amazing that it "takes" like it does. Thanks for testing it for the rest of us- xo Diana

  3. You are on to something friend! And that lady in the scarf is adorable and I'm sure she loves you like crazy!

  4. Well I'm not the stitch police and I think your fabrics and your stitching are lovely.

  5. I'm placing you under arrest for slightly off center stitching...
    I'll let you know what your bail is later.

    I had painted a chair cushion with ASCP last December...and it's holding up fine. It was diluted by half or more. (I just tried it to save time and avoid a simple upholstery job.)

    Interesting to know it held on your t shirt! :)

    I look forward to more info of how you use and apply your experimental techniques.


  6. Well that turned out just lovely! Your stitching is gorgeous. I have yet to try chalk paint, but I'm planning to!

  7. Well, look at that. You daring thing! It's always nice when someone else goes first. And the sachets are so cute!

  8. Aw, Sophie looks adorable and stylish. Off center...oh noo!!!! Overcoming my OCD...Nothing Will Happen! *clicks heels* lol You rock, T! You did all that and sewed and monogrammed sachets too? Beautiful work.

  9. I want to hug and cuddle Sophie! The cuteness quite honestly.. Hurts. She's fashioned a babushka!


    I'm getting that book and will be chalking the hell out of everything in our new home! Very excited!!

    Thanks for the disclaimers! ;)

  10. I love that you experiment so fearlessly! The dye job turned out beautifully, and Sophie looks adorable.

  11. I'm stopping by and following from the Bloglovin Blog hop party. I love how you fabrics turned out with the chalk paint dye!! Very pretty!

  12. I want to hug Sophie!!!

  13. Wow, what a great idea. I love how it.

  14. You're on to something here, it will be the perfect way to get the fabric to match what was painted. Thank you for blazing the trail for all of us. Once all your analysis is complete do a final post. You know, so I have something to reference with conclusions.


  15. I am so intrigued (although I have never used chalk paint....can you believe it...I must not really be a blogger?). Gorgeous colors!

  16. Thanks for the blog on using my technique from my new book! I think you might be the first outside of my stockists to blog about the idea of dying fabric with my paint. When I dyed my very large French sheets, I did it in the bath tub and it was not so patchy and could be stronger in tone. I just wanted the more washed out colours. Annie

  17. I read the newer post and am just now seeing this one. This is something I must try. And Proper Corgi indeed! I have not mentioned this but we are considering a Corgi as our next dog :)


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