April 18, 2013

Come To My Window

Last summer I found this old window at a barn sale.
It informed me that it desired a new home...with me.
Definitely not with the other woman who had eyes for it.

I painted the window panes with a mixture of Annie Sloan paints...
Antibes, Aubusson and Old White.
I attached these rusty metal pots with a suction cup to hold my paint markers.

You'll notice that I am currently using the reverse side.
When I decide that I'd like a chalkboard, all I have to do is flip it and hang.

A small cup hook secured the newly dried lavender with a linen tie
and with a strategically placed fan, my office smells quite nice for a moment.
Eau de DogStunk shall return any minute...
After they've stunked up the bedroom.

This was a fun project but it's of utmost importance, too.
I've got to keep my dates posted somewhere.

Don't rat me out to Magoo.

My beloved office fan, modeled after a vintage banker's fan.
How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.

Do you have a weird bend in a wall somewhere in your house?
They are everywhere in our house.
Architect FAIL.
Luckily, my window fit here.
Granted, it's flipped on it's side but who cares?

The lavender smells so good.
Have you tried adding some lavender buds to your vacuum canister?
It really helps with the stink, stank and stunk!


  1. It's always a sad/happy event when someone we love passes. Sad that we will never be with them again, but so very happy that are full again and free from all their earthy burdens. PS Can I come along on your date with George...promise I will behave and only take 3 or 4 dozen pictures.

  2. Oh Mary sounds like she was a wonderful person with a great sense of humour and may she will enjoy her new home even though terribly missed by those she left behind.. HUGS
    I love this idea with the window I truly want to do this on the farm I am sure i can pop out a window or two on the hen house without it being noticed:) B

  3. Sad news Tina.............she sounds like so much fun.
    And that window - I adore it - how bizarre is it that you have a date with George at the same time I'm seeing Anthony -
    Wow - lucky girls we are!

  4. oh, bless you... and bless her. love the sass you share...

    and i love your window. :)

  5. She's free!

    Possibly has had a few margaritas AND a shot or four of patron due to all of the angel bucks she's received!

    Angel bucks are accrued while human for kindnesses, good deeds and craptacular circumstances! She's earned them!

    So you brought her dog to her? I love that. I'd want that. :)

    Your window is lovely and suction cups and a cup hook? Brilliant. I would've been trying to figure out if I should use gorilla glue to adhere it. Whose the clever one?


    Good luck with your Etsy preparing! I'm currently working on two fun custom Etsy orders. One is for an anesthesiologist who has a gorgeous closet - she's adding visionboards and I'm making them out of a collection on vintage frames. And lovely fabrics! Ikat and birds- "put a bird on it."

    Have a lovely day. I'm headed to Junk Bonanza tomorrow!!



  6. I love your window and it does look right at home..with you..not that other woman!! Is that copper thing a fan? If it is..I want one!! It's gorgeous! I'm glad Mary is in a better place...where they serve margarita's!

  7. Good luck with the Etsy store! Let me know if there's a place to review & let the world know how awesome your stuff is!

  8. I'm so sorry about Mary. But I'm so glad that she's free of any earthly burdens. It sounds like you have lots of wonderful memories to hold on to.

    Love the window, and good luck on the Etsy shop. That's exciting!

  9. I remember eau de DogStunk all to well! I love your inside joke, wishing everyone peace:@)

    And hey... George told me he had to work Friday night!?!?!?

  10. I just discovered Etsy, so that is super awesome.
    Tamale and Margarita, that made me smile for your friend.:)
    The window is amazing Tina....as always.

  11. George is only toying with you....save yourself and pass him on (I'll forward my number). Sounds like Mary was ready to hit the big time.....that's good....glad it was peaceful.

  12. I love the color you painted your window glass! Maybe you don't want the date reminder out in the open, though. :)

    I'm sorry for your loss, but glad she's in a better place.

    Have fun creating for your shop!

  13. I tell you, that will be the first thing I do when I go... a giant Margarita and I won't have to worry about the calories!

    Love yur window, girlie!

  14. So sorry, but glad it was peaceful.

    Love the window! My window would remind me of my date with Christian Bale. :)

  15. Another turning point a fork stuck in the road.... hope I have the same welcome at the gates as Mary.


  16. Aw, been thinking about you T. So sorry about Mary. Hope you're okay.

    I love the window panes. I heard that song on the radio today. Great song.

    So where's George taking you for dinner tonight? Whatcha gonna wear?

    You know, George has a pug, don't you? ;)


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