April 23, 2013

Total Couture Tuesday- TICT #4

The lunatics sucked me in again.
While I don't wear joggers or old sheets, I am frequently in some sort of undress
while blogging in the comfort of my home office.

As I laid under the trees amongst the dog poo and talked with the fairies,
I debated on whether or not I was up to the challenge of 
having my photo taken looking like crap au natural.
I had real clothes on yesterday and newly chopped  off hair.
Did you know that laying in the grass causes your droopy old face to look thinnnner?
It does.  Or maybe it was the poo fairies.

What to do?

The loonies want to know what I wear while I blog.
Well this is it, girls!
I am usually in a pair of old jeans and a shirt and too frequently barefoot.
My feet hurt but I have been known to trip in my flip flops.
It's a trade off.

Guests stop by unexpectedly.
Don't tell George.
Sometimes I wear a hat.
I like hats.

If I'm not wearing real clothes, I look like this.
What am I wearing you ask?
A hot pink tube dress and a hoodie.
The stretchy dress because it is too damn early to be putting on a bra.
And socks.
I am so perky here...except for those bags under my sleep deprived eyes.

Only working on one cuppa Joe.
Magic man needs to put down that camera and get me more coffee.

I feel some cranky coming on with not having slept last night.
I'm going to change into this little maniac's outfit
 and pitch a fit
unless I get some more coffee.
And Captain Crunch.

Yep, I am her today.

You owe me dinner and drinks, girls.

Go see the other crazies at the party!


  1. you're too stinkin' cute! LOVE the little pixie hair! goes well with the dog poo fairy, i'm sure!

    and i blog in sweats or shorts, slippers (if it's cool in the house) and a ratty t-shirt. never a bra. never!

  2. Great post! Love your honesty. The other day I accidentally took a picture of myself with the camera on my new computer, and it scared the hell out of me. People really don't want to know what a 65-year-old woman looks like at the computer when she thinks she's not being observed. :)

  3. I am going to try your technique of laying on the poopy grass to get a good photo!

  4. Thanks for giving me a smile and a laugh! :-) Your haircut is so cute!

    No one wants to see what I really look like sitting at my computer. It's not pretty.

  5. You look great I have been known to wear my flannel bottoms and an old sweatshirt most of the day like today when the neighbours dropped in a 8 (who does that) I looked great OK that is what I was saying in my head while they were talking:)
    You do look great I like your hair. B

  6. Dog poo and fairies...hehehe...!!!


  7. well let me tell you - it's far better to lay on your back than your stomach - and if you don't believe me try it LOL
    Gravity sucks - big time!
    Why didn't you show the hot pink tube dress??????????
    thanks so much for linking up dahlink!

  8. I love you. You now have the title of the hottest woman every to lay amongst dog poo. I think you look fabulous even on a bad day. Either that or I need the same fairy filter on my phone to turn me blond thin and cute.


  9. T. you are THE coolest. Love your duds and your new do. Is that Magoo in the rainbow pic? I'll be over for coffee - in just...about...several days if I get in the car now. ;) I'll bring the Patron dark coffee tequila for splashing in there. ;) xo

  10. OMG!! You are one of those women who look awesome the minute they drag themselves out of bed! You were probably the Queen of the Cattlemen's Ball too. Cute haircut and I haven't worn a tube anything since the 80's, but you sure can rock one! Thanks for linking up girl.

  11. Looking fab I need me some grass and some dog poo!

  12. Your hair is adorable and I think you were wise to hide your eyes and put the strategic bubble on the picture. Can't be too careful with the internet crazies. I should be making a Total Couture post, but I'd have to cover the entire thing with sitckers and bubbles. I'd rather go lie in the grass. My droopy old face needs some toning!

  13. What Bliss said! blonde and thin and cute...but we still llike you!

  14. You're just one of those naturally pretty women who **think** they look bad when they don't! Your jeans and shirt outfit is super cute- that's me on a fancy day! I will admit I try harder when the weather warms. I've got black roots and wear black leggings due to winter in April.

    You look amazing!

    How the hell did Taylor sneak up on you like that?

    You lie amongst the poo- I stepped in it! True story!

    You make me want to cut my hair- except I won't look good.


  15. You still look great au natural. Some days just don't require a bra at all. Maybe I'll get myself a pink tube dress so that I can have an excuse for going braless all day.

  16. LOVE the hair! You are just TOO cute to be in this party!

  17. Cute haircut!

    Some day I'm going to move to a house that DOESN'T have dog poo in the yard. I will leave the dog at the old house.

  18. Ok so you are going to be voted the best dress of the Total Couture Tuesday! I laughed about your face falling back when you lay on your back. The first time I really realized I was old was when I was looking in the mirror with my head leaning to the left side. I noticed that my nose seemed crooked and off center toward the left side of my face. I lifted my head and couldn't notice anything. So I tilted my head to the right...and there my nose was sagging to the right. Holy Moly!

  19. LOVE your hair! Too cute :)

  20. If I could only look like you when blogging! I'll have to rethink my black jeans, brown socks and tennies..., too cute, Tina!!

  21. Wow, you actually look great in these photos. The haircut is darling. Are you seriously not looking at how cute you look?

    The tube dress may have taken things too far though. :>)

  22. tina,
    you totally depressed me today! Not only were you not around to go gaga over Johnny or Paul, but it doesn't matter what you wear or even if you don't comb that new adorable haircut, you're still stinkin cute! I'm going back to bed now so I don't scare anyone!

  23. Love the new hair...adorable and fun!!! I love all the pics! I have a couple of house dresses like yours and I have my velour house pants that I slip into with a tank top and bare foot or flip flops. :)

  24. Your hair looks great. I'm afraid if I didn't have to go to work I would be in my pj's all day! x

  25. You are sooooo cute! You're a skinny girl that I'd love to be and your hair is adorable. Don't say a word about the way you look, girlfriend!


  26. Love your cute jeans! Love your hat! Love the stretch dress. You are a beautiful cutie patootie!

  27. You rock the tube dress and hoodie. And boy, I wish I had that kind of company while blogging...nothing would get done. Wait, that already happens...

    But the best part: Dog Poo and Fairies. Have you been playing in my yard?


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