May 6, 2014

Wanna Swap Stuff?

 It's Tuesday evening and it's time to head over to Ann's for some swapping!
Pop over to Tarnished Royalty for the swap.

Swap #1
Today I offer up these two kitchen towels.
I have had them for years but have never used them.
Any guesses why?  Yes, you "know-it-alls!"  I don't do red.
Cherry has red font and trim, Apple has brown.
Someone needs these for their cheerful vintage kitchen.

(Thanks, Donna!)

Swap #2
Next up is a vintage rug punch.
I have no idea of the age, but I was more interested in the mailing tube when I bought it.
Mailed on September 1, 1942 from Chicago, Ill.
Very cool.

 It's my first time to join and the party is only at week 4, so let's go swap!

You know you have too much stuff in your drawers.
I sure enjoyed digging thru mine.


Drop It or Swap It


  1. Those are gorgeous towels Tina - as much as I'm a black and white ( and grey ) type of gal - I do love a little red here and there!

  2. I need to find stuff so that I can participate!

  3. Oooo pretty! I love these towels! Thanks so much for linking up Tina! And I do do red ~ in small touches. ~Ann
    Tarnished Royalty

  4. If you are interested in either my three photos and five postcards or the four vintage bottles, I would swap for the two towels. Let me know if you are interested.

  5. You said "pop over" and I was looking at cherries and apples. Now I want a cherry popover. Thanks a lot. ;) xo

  6. Oh how fun! I really want to do this as soon as I get unpacked and settled! I'm sure I've found lots of stuff I don't need lately!

  7. Oh man, I love those towels. Red is perfect for me. I need to look for some stuff to swap. I'm sure I have stuff, I just need to let go of the idea that I can/will make something out of it...

  8. Very cute! (And love that chair!)



  9. The possibilities are endless on the stuff I could swap. I've gotta go check this out.


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