June 16, 2016

Signs of Summer

I did a little rearranging for summer and hanging this sign
in the kitchen really makes me smile.
It's got great lines- like skip chores.
I like that.
I didn't make it, it was on sale at Wisteria here.
And now there is an additional 25% off!

I loved how the evening sun comes in.

I bought these adorable towels from Joan @ The Blue Cupboard
aren't they the cutest?
She's an excellent seamstress and these are just so well made.
They will stay far away from Magoo's greasy hands.

Thanks to Dore at Burlap Luxe for sharing these with us.

Jack has been enjoying the yard since the rain stopped.
He's missed his lizard and frog friends.
The wedelia is as tall as he is these days.

You'll find him in the kitchen window on his bench when he's inside.
He is the Keeper of the Bone.

Bruce will steal Jack's bones when he's not busy being the Boo King.

I vacuumed and cleaned the chairs he's not supposed to get into.
He thanked me kindly and climbed back in.

Another good thing I've discovered this summer is these cookies.
Costco= Giant bag of tiny cookies.

And these frozen pops.
The last few years I've had a serious  addiction to the watermelon pops
but this year I like to mix it up with the coconut lime- especially mushed  between these little coconut-y cookies.

These cookies are small so you can eat like 50 at a time.
Are you looking at those blueberries and thinking that I'm going to
look like Wonka's blueberry girl soon?

I might.
But, well.

Have a good weekend everyone!