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Give me some sugar- May 17, 1917

In my collection of antique silver, I have a creamer/sugar set
that has a momentous birthday today.
Happy 99th birthday to you, D.U.B. # 369!

  I have no idea what the inscription means-
I saw things from fly fishing to war battles in my search but I find it hard to believe that these pieces of table silver would be associated with those things, so who knows?
Does anyone have a clue?
Anyone still living?  I can't take any more ghostly visits this month.
And yes, I believe that I've had a few.

It was very difficult to photograph these pieces with all the reflection, 
but they really are quite an interesting pair.
They have some lumps and bumps from their almost hundred years of travel, but they cleaned up nicely.  I left a lot of their patina.
Thank goodness that is in fashion, because I'm a lazy silver polisher.

I love finding old inscribed pieces.
I use them around the house for all kinds of things.
Flowers, herbs, candy...but never for cream and sugar.
Patina with my cream gives me the willies.

One thing I'm certain of- I'll always be on the hunt for more!