July 31, 2012

Board of Education


"Use me when and where needed and I''ll do you a lot of good."
Handmade in the Texas Panhandle,
this old paddle was introduced into the family around 1970.
You know, when it was still legal to beat your children.
Ya think it would work on husbands???
Mine's kinda late with my ice cream....

July 27, 2012

Instant Supervillain

Sophie finally got another minion.
He lubs her.

~Hope you have a great weekend~

July 23, 2012

The Horse Girl Returns

 These photos are from January when Da'Lainey,
 her mom Maura and her Granna Shae 
went on an adventure to Snyder, Texas to be photographed by 
The Modern Prairie Girl herself, Lara Blair.
Go see for yourself- Lara is a sweet and very talented lady.
She's got a huge heart and they all loved her instantly.
Lara will be having an exhibit of her Horse Girl photographs in October
and then a book will follow.
I can't wait to see it.

These photos are by my Aunt Sharon,
who goes by the name Shae.
But not to me- she will forever and always be my Aunt Wawan.
I couldn't say Sharon, Wawan was all I could muster.
Hey, I was a baby.  Cut me some slack, yo.
The photos have been edited by me.

It must have been wonderful to capture these beautiful shots of 
her daughter and grand daughter.

 I love these photos so much.
They really capture the spirit of  who they are.

Maura, Lara and Da'Lainey

 All modern prairie girls...

horse girls...

and brave girls.

I love you too many times!

July 17, 2012

Bruce Happens

My empty nest is no longer empty.
Our youngest has returned home which means
Shithead  Bruce was part of the package.

(Sorry, JP! I think I can fix it.)

He also eats pool noodles and space bags.
He has a special affinity for our bed with it's cream quilt with velvet trim.
My head is starting to spin.
Sophie is packing and running away from home.

Brucey, you got some 'splainin to do!

I'm thinking boarding school.
And maybe a bottle of NyQuil for lunch.

In his defense, the constant storms have made all the pups nervous
and there's been little time to play outdoors.

I'm a sucker for that face.

July 7, 2012

Oh, George...how we miss you!

If you know me,
you know that Magoo is
 "George Costanza" terrified
of wasps, hornets, bees, butterflies, dragonflies
or anything that flies directly at him.
City Boy, much?

When this occurs, it is one of our all time favorite things to laugh at.
Seriously, we laugh until we cry.  Then we laugh some more.

He runs, swats, hurdles furniture and mows down small children
and pregnant ladies to evade the "stingin' bastards".

Yes, I was the pregnant lady and the kids he mowed/mows down are ours.
Not that anyone else is immune from this spectacle- they aren't.

So it was to my great surprise when after only a year of my nagging,
he got the power washer out and removed the SB's condos from under the porch.
I must be doing something right- it generally takes two years and
 a skillet upside the head to get the man moving.

Anyway, he brought me these wasp nests.
In his own two hands and into our home.
Can you imagine?

I thought the man done lost his mind!
(here I go channeling Madea again- she's my hero)

I put them under the glass cloche as a reminder of his bravery.

And of this~

Here's George at his finest.
He's so Magoo.