December 12, 2014

Christmas Ornie Exchange

There's been an exchange of Christmas goodies!
Vicky from Life On Willie Mae Lane had her second annual ornament exchange
and we are linking up to share the goodies we received from our secret sender.

These are a few of the things I sent to my recipient, who happened to be 
This made me jump for joy.
I adore her and would follow her around on her junking adventures
if only I lived in South Carolina.
She likes rusty, junky, handmade stuff.
And squirrels.
No shiny new stuff would do for Ms. Donna.

Hmm...empty M&M tin, white sisal mini tree, kosher salt, tiny branches from a wreath,
 one crepe myrtle flower pod and then wrapped with green velvet ribbon with 
a glass glittered rusty little bell on top.

I loved it.

For this one I used a piece of wood from a wine barrel top, 
made a tiny white linen heart to hang from a painted brass nail 
and glued a little scene with two squirrels to the top of it.
See that brown squiggly vine that the heart hangs from?
That's a little piece of Danni's bittersweet vine- I forgot to tell you that, Donna.
I love this piece, too.
I like making tiny things.
I want to make more.

So now let's see what I received from my secret sender,
Julie of  Julie's Lifestyle.

Part of the fun is that we have no idea who we've been paired up with.
I didn't know Julie, so I was totally surprised.

Julie sent me a wonderful box of goodies.

Four darling squirrels- I sent one to Donna that's very similar! LOL
Squirrels everywhere!  One can never have too many squirrels.

A Spode holiday notepad, four different kinds of gift tags, a sweet gift bag that will make a good home for the squirrels and eight crocheted wreaths that she made herself.
She also included the nicest card- she's a sweetheart that I was glad to meet
thru Vicky's ornament exchange this year.

This was a really fun thing to do...I'm so glad that I spied this on Tuula's blog and joined in.

Thanks so much to Julie for putting together such a thoughful gift box for me!
And thank you, Vicky- for pairing us all up for your event.

If you'd like to see what the other ladies are sharing, hop over to the link up for the ornament exchange at Vicky's Life on Lillie Mae Lane.

Have a good weekend!

December 8, 2014

Meanwhile, over at Suzan's...

Good morning!

I'm over at Suzan's today with a simple pillow "upgrade"
for the holidays.

It's unknown if John lies unconscious on the newly painted paisley floor-
they've been working together on a new mantel.
I can't wait to hear about the fallout. :)

Pop over to Simply Vintageous to see my 5 minute project.

You know the way.

December 3, 2014

Swedish Coffee Bread- Magoo Bakes!

There are certain baked goods that have enhanced my marriage to Magoo.
His grandmother's Swedish Coffee Bread would be one of them.
The other is her Swedish Crumb Cake.

Our little baker niece, Anni, was schooled in Magoo's baking class last summer.

Beautiful, hmm?
There is no coffee in the bread, it's meant to be enjoyed with your coffee.
And I'll tell you...I do.
The aroma of cardamom pods being ground travels throughout the house
and I am very impatient waiting for the dough to rise- twice.
This bread is well worth the wait.

Some say too pretty to eat.

Not I, dear friends.

It's a gorgeous bread to wrap in a pretty linen and give to someone special.

Like me.

As you can probably guess, this loaf was definitely going to me.
Straight into my bellllllly!
I LOVE this sweet bread.

For all of you who can't eat/don't eat/won't eat bread-
my heart breaks for you.

Anni and Magoo make a fine baking team.
There wasn't a crumb leftover.

Grab a child during the holidays and teach them to bake a family recipe.
They will love it, I promise you.
(After you pry that iPhone out of their tightly clenched little hands.)

The reward is sweet and in more ways than one.

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