April 22, 2014

The Answer

 "Do I have any clean underwear?" says Magoo.
I stare at him for a moment and wonder how it is possible that he would think
that he lives in a world where he would have no clean underwear.
How did this irrational fear develop?  
Why is his drawer so full that I can't stuff another pair of his man undies in there if I tried?  
Oh, how I've tried.
I cleaned out his drawers and tossed out the oldies...the meltdown wasn't pretty.
Obviously the trauma was too much.
How can I expect him to feel safe and secure in his world with only 62 pairs to his name?

I have found the answer. 

This amuses me to no end.  Him, not so much.
If you also have a hubby with this disorder, you can find these thru Archie McPhee.
I'm ordering our friend Siggy for him, too.
The ONLY action figure that peers into the depths of your subconscious.
Time for an intervention.

April 19, 2014

Happy Easter

Wishing you all the goodness your heart can carry!


April 7, 2014

Spring Thing

Amazing, I know!
I actually put up a post.
I was being bullied by one of our Canadian friends to get my act together and DO SOMETHING!
Ok, Suze.  I did something.  And you'd better like it, too.

I had the best time putting this little show of Spring together.


Just a few herbs and verbena stuffed into old sewing machine drawers and some copper for fun.
I love this old ladder all prettied up for sunny days.

Sweet basil is a favorite.

Simple burlap ribon from Hobby Lobby wraps around a faux sprig.

The sign was made for pennies with a blank balsa wood door hanger from HL.
I transferred the image with CitraSolve and added some wax.
I love 5 minute projects.

When I'm ready for a nap, I'll hang my sign.
The lemon thyme smells delicious.

Have an old piece of junk laying around?  Or several million like me?

Make yourself a Spring Thing-
especially all my frozen friends still enduring snow and wishing for green things and warmth.

Even last weeks tulips have a place of honor.
They were gorgeous pink and white, but I enjoy the bulbs all dried and crunchy, too.

Thanks, Crit and Brit.
Mwah, you sweet things!

Tomorrow the ladder goes outside but I've enjoyed it so much this evening.
It's propped against the laundry room door waiting for the storms to pass.
I've missed you guys!
I'll be around soon if I haven't already.

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