April 6, 2016

Abalone and Love Bombs

Do you have stacks of mirrors?
That makes me the only weirdo?
I know there are more than a few mirror hoarders out there.
Don't make me name names.

See my inspiration?

This mirror makeover was inspired by my abalone shell 
and thanks to my current fascination with the purple paint,
I think it turned out beautifully.

It started out a soft sage green about 15 years ago.
To that, I added a smidge of duck egg blue, a citron green
and a burnt umber "drip".
Do you drip?
Watering down a burnt umber craft paint and letting it run 
thru the cracks and/or the design of whatever I'm painting
is a favorite thing to do...from the olden days.
You remember them, don't you?
When we were just frazzled moms trying to get something painted
before the kids woke up from their nap?
Before the fancy waxes and dirty dirty uppers and the aging creams 
that line the shelves these days?
I'm not touching anything called "an aging cream".
Just saying.

Well, I got tired of that mirror and put it away in the hell hole under the front stairs...
She has friends there, lots of them.
I cleaned out the closet recently,  
and I remembered all the lost mirrors.
No, I didn't...I totally forgot about them.  But I found them again.
And I found that the mirror wasn't doing it for me.
It needed the purple paint. I swear, it really needed it.

So it could come out into the world again and feel pretty.
Maybe we all need a little purple?
Why are 5 year old girls the only ones that realize 
this power of the purple?
They all know.
I think I had a purple room once, 
back in the years that I can't remember.
Donny Osmond knew.  Prince knew.
Now I know again.
(You can picture a knowing smile on my face.)

Now on to the quote- the one in the test tube and glitter.
 Do you know about Long Distance Love Bombs?

Just a regular guy trying to put good out into the world,
Jeremy wants to make kindness "cool" again.
I adore him and what he's putting out into the world.
He makes me think, he makes me feel, sometimes he makes 
me cry because what he has written touched me way down deep 
in that forgotten purple-ish soul of mine.
Some of you will love him, some of you won't.
He sometimes uses language that some of you will be offended by.
I hope you'll overlook it and see all the goody goody gumdrops
that this man is preaching.
This quote is fantastic and everyone should have it in their possession.
For those days.
You know the ones.

"Look closely.  Look harder.
Search the surprise in your eyes.
And when you see the one you need-
right there- right in front of you-
you'll learn at last that every mirror hides a hero."
-Long Distance Love Bombs-

Jeremy has been through some things.
That's where his wisdom comes from.
Go visit him sometime.
Be purple.
Or be Bruce.
The Thinker of Deep Thoughts.
But hero up for yourself, regardless.
That's the important part.

You may now return to your nap, Bruce.
The Boo of All That Is Good and Lovey.

I think I have more purpling to do.