September 30, 2014

Aunt Polly's Trunk

Hello Tuesday...
Aunt Polly's trunk has been distressed and covered in hemp oil.
I'm a happy girl.
(If you missed the prior post about the trunk, you can read it HERE.
Or the mystery of the name HERE.)

I really wanted to get rid of that orangy tone but still see the wood.
I really like how it turned out.
The trunk has obviously seen some adventure, 
but the bumps and bruises just make it more appealing to me.

I oiled the hardware, as well.
The hemp oil made a huge difference on the trunk.
This poor girl was parched.

 I'm thinking that ethics books in the Harrington mansion were very well read.
Although not this wasn't printed until 1951.
More on these old books later.
I've used a bent silver spoon on a ribbon as a bookmark.
It has been stamped with the Harrington "H".
Of course.

The candle sleeves on this lamp are antique and very fragile.
They are made of paper and are a fun accessory to add to a reproduction lamp.
I removed them from a very heavy, very rusted chandy.
No worries, the silicon covered bulbs don't get hot enough to start a fire.
In reality, there is quite a safe space between the hard plastic sleeve inside the paper one.
I wanted that chandelier specifically for these candle sleeves.
They are easily reproduced, but these are so old and authentic and I loved them.

I added the antique glass crystals when it sat on the piano.
It was so pretty when the afternoon sun streamed through the windows.

I found a little surprise while I was oiling the trunk.
A tiny letter P.

Perfect end to this project.
And Pollyanna approved.
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September 28, 2014

Mystery Solved

I know the Harrington mystery trunk has driven some of you to drink...
so here is the answer you have waited for.

I might add that some of you will be feeling like you need to smack yourselves 
in the head like those V8 commercials.

Polly Harrington.

Aunt Polly to Pollyanna.

I am a big Hayley Mills fan- I loved her in Pollyanna.

I didn't finish the trunk yet.
You'll have to wait again, loves.
See you in a few days for the reveal...I'm trying to get out a little fall decor.

Thanks so much to all of you who visited Must Love Junk
for my Saturday Spotlight.
You ladies just light up my life.

Let's all go have steak and ice cream!

September 27, 2014

I'm in the Spotlight

Good morning!
I'm over at Must Love Junk today in the Saturday Spotlight Series.

Thank you, Susan!

I hope you'll pop over and visit.
You never know what you'll read over there.

I told secrets.

And I'll be back on Sunday to solve the mystery of the trunk.
I am shocked, ladies!
No one guessed correctly.
That trunk would have been gathering dust in this house.
Perhaps in an upstairs room turned into a makeshift bedroom for an orphan niece?
Do you need inspiration?
Some sweet turquoise fishnets like I'm wearing?

Oh, come on....

I guess you'll have to wait until Sunday.

September 18, 2014

Bat Sh*t Crazies

 Quick post about a sign I made months ago when I saw a photo of a cabinet from

See below.

I also felt that it needed a few corrections and to include a cure for BSC.
As far as I can tell, the world is overrun with this malady
and is surely leading us straight into the zombie apocalypse.
Just sayin.'

She had this very cool cabinet up for auction, but I couldn't attend.
I decided to make a sign on an old window for my own enjoyment here at home.

Trust me, it is very appropriate.

And if anyone finds it inappropriate, well...

Rubbish!  You have no power here!
Be gone before somebody drops a house on you, too.

(I have had it with rude people who attack bloggers or people on FB.
The world is full of problems and the word shit isn't one of them.
Neither is a painted piece of furniture.
Snap out of it, people!)

I created my images on PicMonkey, printed them out and taped them to the back of the glass.
It's then just a simple task of tracing your letters with a Sharpie and filling in with paint or Sharpie!
Easy task and no need for nervous pills.  Or pill's, either.
No hysteria was experienced in the process.

I have a chair I want to upholster and I see some definite disturbances in my future.
Do you think Costco carries them in bulk?

September 16, 2014

Harrington House

This old trunk sat at my parent's house for years.  And years.
It's very large and was taking up too much space so it was given to me.
It sat in my house for years.  And years.
It was in my son's room for quite awhile but last year we moved it downstairs.
You know, so I could do something with it.
I filled it up with books and crap.
And it sat one more year.
Mostly it collected dog bones and tennis balls until Bruce needed them.

You will all understand when I say that one evening something lit a fire under my ass
and I grabbed my ASCP Old White and slapped some on the top of the trunk.
I wasn't loving it yet.

So it sat for a few months.
But alas, a new fire was lit!
I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.

I ran to Hobby Lobby for stickers, grabbed my can of MMS dark wax and got busy.
Thirty minutes later, the top was finished.
I am going to work on the rest of it this week- and then do a touch of distressing on the letters.
The orange-y wood was covered up with two coats of paint and one coat of wax.
I love how the wax picks up all the imperfections.

I need to buy new old hardware for it and I may even line it with cedar.
There's always next year.
Or the next.

Who is P. Harrington you ask?
Be glad, it will come to you.

September 5, 2014

Seasons Change

Greetings from the yard.

It is September.  
Fall is here and Mr. Green Jeans looks spectacular in the dead leaves.

Sleepy head.

This red winged blackbird fancies himself a ladies man.
I asked him politely to shut the hell up.
He's a real loudmouth.
I can't believe I got this shot.

I think this is Ratatouille as a squirrel.

Lucy came to play and comfort her friends.

She's a goofy girl and as sweet as can be.

Sophia Lucia Ricardo.
Known in these parts as Sophie Sass Mouth.

Get out of the pool, Mom.
I am not coming in. 
Never, ever, ever.  Ever.

I laughed at this squirrel.  What is he looking at?  
Probably my hairdo.

Sir Cornholio and his cob.
Do you think he'd wear a pilgrim hat?

Thanks to all of you for the sweet words you left about Henry.
They touch my heart more than you know.