September 26, 2012

Bet's Bottles

Years ago when my boys were little, there was a craft mall that I liked to visit.
Risky business with three little boys.

It was there that we met a sweet lady named Bet.
She was probably in her seventies at that time.

Bet had a small booth of her pottery goods.
She took great pride in her work and if there was the slightest defect in the glaze,
she would price those items at a dollar or two.
She claimed they weren't worth very much,
but I was amazed at her beautiful work.
I bought every one I found and many of those came from Bet's bargain bin.
It was rare to find that she had priced something as it should have been.

Bet made some of my most treasured keeps.
She was a soul I felt connected to.
I don't have any idea how many pieces I have.
I lost count after awhile.
Some I have shared with family and friends. Some have been broken.
 They are all cherished no matter their current address.
I will admit that there were tears whenever one was broken.
They were all one of a kind, never to be replaced.

Bet began making pieces for me- her green was my favorite.
She asked what colors I collected and I told her green, brown and white.
I have quite a few in the palest of pinks, and a few in pale blue.
There were a couple of dark blue that miraculously survived the boy's game room.

She always seemed so surprised at my delight, but delighted I was.
I am delighted to this day by my little bottles.
I can imagine Bet at her potter's wheel,
hands covered in clay and a determined look in her eyes.
Always striving for perfection in her work, yet never feeling like she found it.

Bet stopped coming one day.
It made me so sad to realize that I'd probably never see her again.
I hoped that I had shown her how much I cared
~that she knew how important those little pottery pieces were to me.
That the perfection she chased was right in front of her...she should have seen it in my eyes.

They are probably in every room of our house.
The boys have taken a few of them as they've left home.
I hope they remember that they bought a few for me with saved quarters,
hidden away in their Oshkosh pockets.
My treasures.

The little craft mall closed down a few years after that.

Once in awhile I come across some similar pottery.
With wistful expectation, I'll turn it over in my hand  hoping to see her name again.
I've never come across another, but the ones I do have are forever in my heart.
And so is she.

I know she has long since passed,
but Bet's pottery takes me back in time every day.
"How 'bout this one, Mama?"

Yes, Casey Bear.
I think it must have been made just for you.

Bet told us she didn't really know what that "lump" was on top of the jar.
But if we said it was a bear, then a bear it was.
The felt stickers have worn away with only yellowed stains remaining,
but she did put her name on the bottom of most of her pieces.
Some are stamped, some are handwritten.
Just Bet.
My name is Bettina.
I like to think no.

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September 18, 2012

Fall My Way

We've had a little glimmer of autumn this week.
Not enough to pull out the big wreaths or the Halloween things yet,
but enough to inspire me to start the process of some seasonal changes here in my home.

I have tons of old copper, but this lid had no companion.
It's always hung on a wall somewhere.
I hot glued it into a wreath I already had,
then added some metal acorns that my friend gave me a few years ago.
I love the look of it and it only took a few minutes to get a simple, but unique look.

I'm pulling out a few embroidered pieces, 
but still working on the removal of the summer things.

The rosemary needs replanting, as does much of the backyard , due to Bruce.
Now known around here as:

He's claimed that chair as his own....  
I bought it to recover in this gorgeous blue.

You can probably guess that it's not going to happen until 
Bruce and our son move to their new place in a few more months.

Sophie is dreaming of that moment...the poor girl is exhausted from trying to avoid him.

Enjoy the cooler weather wherever you are!
Change is in the air.

It's punkin' time.

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September 16, 2012

Brown Sugar

You are looking at a squirrel made of brown sugar.
Isn't this the cutest?
You all know that I am squirrelly about squirrels.
I just received this candy/chocolate mold in the mail and it's so much larger than I expected.
It's big!
Approx. 8X9.
He's going to be a fun addition to my Thanksgiving table.
And most likely, way before then. ;)

You can order one from Fancy Flours here.
They even provide the recipe and instructions
on the website.
Cute packaging, too.

I got this catalog for the first time and loved so many things.
Really adorable decorative edibles and glitters, fun kitchen towels and 
Corgi cookie cutters, of course!

Disco Dust Miami Orange, 2 gram jarPumpkin Harvest Sack TowelCookie Cutter Corgi TinCookie Cutter Animal Horse Stamping Stainless Steel
Not a paid/gifted endorsement...just passing on fun stuff.  

Enjoy the rest of your weekend~

September 12, 2012

Rockin' and Roastin'

A few weeks ago, 
my best bud next door had her sister 
stop by for a cuppa Joe.

That's a funny play on words.

Her sister's husband is Aerosmith's Joey Kramer.

This is how they roll in for a visit when on tour.

Now, I don't want to name drop but word on the street is that 
Bruce and Lucy Kramer are an item.
Ssshhhh, I don't want the paparazzo sniffing around here
and capturing me in my pajamas with paint in my hair
 at 4 in the afternoon.

What's the deal with the Rockin' and Roastin', you ask?
That's Joey's new coffee.
Yep, even Aerosmith has to wake up and smell the coffee sometimes.
And it's good coffee...

My friend texted me in a panic because she woke up to no coffee in the house.
Yikes, it's an emergency.
Meet me at the garden gate.
Robin was not rockin' without her favorite blend.

You can check it out for yourself here:

Hey Linda...Bruce is getting antsy so Lucy can arrive any day now, mkay?

cue the music...
"...and I don't wanna miss a thing"

September 5, 2012

She wants to know so I'm gonna tell you...

Mod Mom called me over to collect a Laine  *****.
 OK, I'll play.  I do like my beauty products.
I don't accept ****** any longer, even though I'm thrilled.
I'm only doing it because she really entertains me with her ukulele playing and funny songs.
And she makes me laugh so hard that...well, that's another story.
If you want some serious snark with a little sauce on the side, she's your girl!
Thanks, MM.

She wants to know...

What is your current beauty obsession?
ME: I'm not altogether sure that I am obsessed with anything but cake, but I'll give it a whirl.
I use Bobbi Brown products and I fell in love with her lip crayons and then she stopped making them.
What's the sitch, Bobbi?  I love those things.
I tried to substitute a Nars version, but they are gooey and I prefer creamy.
I'm crazy about the Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks, too.  
Bronze is always in my bag, and I just ordered Nectar.

I love Philosophy's Miracle Worker products and Hope in a Jar.
I have really, really sensitive skin.  
These products work for me.
Love them.'s a little confession for you.
 Magoo uses the Loreal Men's Expert VitaLift.
It's anti-wrinkle and firming, but I have no care for that- I'm crazy for the smell of it.
I love the smell so much that I steal it and slather it on my hands and arms before I go to sleep.
So I can smell it. 
 Okay, so maybe that's an obsession for you.

What is the one beauty item that you wish you owned?
ME: I don't know if I can legally own one, but I'd want to own my massage therapist.
Might be kind of awkward bringing it up, but I'll ask her.
Best beauty item I can think of to get that sour puss look off my face.
Besides cake.

Other than that, I'm waiting on the arrival of the new Bobbi Brown BB cream.
Legend has it that it's magic stuff.
The UPS man better move a little quicker, 'cause I'm not getting any younger.

What is your favorite topic to read about?
ME: Suri Cruise!!!

Can you see how happy Sophie is?
We read about Suri's adventure land every night.
We don't have a choice, that girl is always in the news.
She gets ice cream and sweets as much as we do.
Just look at that face.

That's a girl after my own heart.
Love that chocolate, girl.

What inspired you to be a blogger?
ME: Three words.
Miss. Mustard. Seed.

What nail polish are you wearing now?
ME: Essie's Chubby Cheeks.  A creamy red-orange sunset that's currently unavailable.

Next week when it's Fall and it's only 95 degrees because we are getting a cool front...
I'll be wearing something less red orange and more fall-ish brown orange like OPI On The Same Paige.

So, that's it chickies...
Anyone that wants to join in, please do.
I'd love to hear what you like.
Especially if you OWN a massage therapist, new BFF.
No renters, please. ; )

You can see these products on my Pinterest page for Products I Love.
Over there, on your left.
The OTHER left.