March 12, 2015

The JackMonkey

Spring rains bring new life to the yard.
 And as the fresh green leaves reach toward the sun,

 a puppy runs madly across the wet landscape.

 The society garlic is wounded.

 Bark is chewed from the stumps.
Succulents must be removed from the pool edge.

 The yard donk is no watchman.

Silly puppy is now called "the JackMonkey".

Big brother Bruce has been contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

This is his "Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Willis?" face.

Dirty deeds.

Anyone remember what Bruce did when he was a puppy?

And wedelia.

Mama's Boy is always forgiven.

The JackMonkey will be, too.
Dirty deeds and all.
Who can resist that tiny pink licker???

March 1, 2015

Painted Bread Board

 I started collecting old bread boards about 14 years ago.
The first splurge was from Inessa Stewart in Dallas.
I bought two large round boards and I was beyond thrilled to have them.
Some of them hung up the back staircase for years.
Some of them I have used for my artistic pursuits.

We all know that the itchy twitchy paint brush can't be denied.

This morning I felt like making something.
Magoo and the pups were snoozing away and I hopefully had a few hours of 
semi clear thinking before the chaos descended upon me.
I brushed on a mixture of several ASCP colors.
I had mixed the color when I had a small amount left in the cans, 
so I'm sorry that I can't give you a very accurate way to reproduce the color.
I'm guessing that it's Louis or Aubusson with some Graphite.
I watered it down to get the muted look I wanted.

I created a reverse transfer on PicMonkey and applied it with CitruSolve,
let it dry and then waxed it with MMS clear wax.

I used a sweet brown cow cabinet knob as the hanger,
(from Hobby Lobby)
and hung some small dried hydrangeas that I found hanging in the garage.

I am quite pleased.

I'm off to make dinner and finish the laundry now, 
but I did something for myself today and it feels good.
I've had a few weeks of "MOM! Can you help me?" from the manchildren,
and new puppy takes up a lot of my time.
Jack Henry is an escape artist...more monkey than puppy.

He seems to dislike Bruce's wardrobe.

Bruce must retire to his favorite chair for a nap and hope that 
the tiny monkey doesn't escape from the kitchen.

It's tough work being a big brother.

I hope you find the time to make something pretty this week!

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