August 19, 2013

Summer Repeat #1

Though I am technically on a break, I thought I would do a few 
oldies but goodies over the summer.
Nothing on tv but repeats, right? 
In blogland, too!

I just couldn't leave all that sad crap sitting here all summer.

So if you haven't seen this you go.
Hope you are having a great summer!

Once in a while an idea dances into my brain that should not own dancing shoes.
Happen to you, too?
I thought so.

No booze was involved, either.
Impressive, right?

This ugly TV swivel-er-er was headed to the closest drop off.
We'd used it inside an armoire for a small tv that no one ever watched.
That didn't last long.
So now what to do with that thing?

 The easy fix was to paint it, of course.  No brainer, right?
Then what?
I had a fox image that I wanted to use.
(Unable to find source.)
A quick trip to PicMonkey and I had the images edited and was ready to print.
Mod Podge?  Hmmm...not really the look I want.
I'd heard of using an iron to transfer images onto wood, so I decided to try it.

Okay, that worked a little differently than on fabric but it did work.
It was just boring.
Sorry, no photo of the boring part.
Here's where the crazy part comes in.
Mad Hatter cuckoo.
I ironed on top of an unprotected, virgin transfer.
I can hear the collective gasp, but it all turns out in the end so don't get those tightie whities in a wad.

I melted that transfer all over until I got a smeary, wonderful RUINED effect.
Love at first sight.

You sane people are yelling 'What the *#@&*!!! did you just do to your iron?

Well, the smeary good stuff came right off onto a piece of cardboard.
I was lucky, eh?

That "eh?" was for Suzan.

The distressing was made with the iron, too.
Yes, I pushed her to the limit.
I am not a good iron owner.

I think it looks very foxy used as a small bar.

Or just as a fun accent on a table for highlighting your keeps.

Go find a crazy way to abuse your own iron...if you are that sort.

Then, do tell. 

We nutters love gory tales of artistic achievement.