June 30, 2011

Perching Pretty

I embroidered these little birds a while back.  I thought they were different and would be cute hanging in the sewing room.  Today,  I felt like they should come downstairs and spend the summer by the green hall tree.  I had this little ladder piece from an estate sale, so with a little added paint they were ready to hang.  Because that area is so hard to photograph, I  propped them up under a tree and hung this cute apron that I made a few summers ago.  I think they look pretty cute!

I'll take a happy moment wherever I can.  :  )

June 21, 2011

A Day in the Purple Snow

Purple rain in Texas?  
Slim chance that we'll get rain of any color with the horrible drought we're in.
But Purple Snow?
We are treated to it every year like clockwork. 
It's the prettiest time of year out in the backyard.  
Somehow... in all this dreadful heat, the crape myrtles are spectacular.   They are such a welcome sight.  
Especially when so many plants and trees are parched and droopy, 
or have simply given up the fight under the blazing sun.

Every day we see reports of wildfires raging out of control.  
Heartbreaking stories of people and animals 
who have been forced to flee from their homes.
The weatherman says we have a decent chance for rain this week.   
We really need it.

But, until then...
Henry is doing just fine is his purple snow.

June 20, 2011

Big Ass Coffee Tin. Seriously. It is.

 I bought this monstrosity from Ballards a few years ago.  I knew it was going to be large and I wanted it to be large.  But I had no idea how big it really was until the giant box arrived.  Hmmm...big  and red.

I don't do red.  I have tried really hard to do red.  It's so cheerful in my friend's house, but I just don't feel peaceful with it in my own space.  I painted it creamy yellow with a burnt sienna glaze.  Better than red, but still not blowing my skirt up.

At last I'm finally happy with it.  Old White paint and some glaze did the trick.  I added a vintage image from The Graphic's Fairy.  I know it's not coffee related, but I'm a wordy girl.  Anyway...

I think it's perfect for now...and it holds a big case of Bristot pods for my morning latte.

I have not been paid to endorse these products, they are just our preferred brand.  Although if I was going to get paid to endorse something....
It would be for my beloved Ben and Jerry's CFB.  Chocolate. Fudgy. Brownies. Ice Cream.

Sometimes big ass is good.  ;  )

On an added note-  After reading this post, the previously mentioned friend who loves red had to express her horror at the repainting of the red coffee tin.  Which measures 22" tall for those of you who asked!

June 15, 2011

I've Got Dibs

While browsing on 1st Dibs yesterday, I saw a pair of Indian clubs that were painted...and ahem, $800!  

Hmmm...I had a pair up in Magoo's office that were just collecting dust.  
Since the boy's game room no longer exists and Magoo has no care for anything in his office but square black boxes, 
I stole rescued those babies from their sad existence.  

I'll have those for a new summer accessory, I said to myself.  
Makeovers are fun and in my diseased mind 
I have just saved us $800!  
Those Louboutin Hola Chica's are mine!

New home accessories for free make Magoo a very happy man. 

 He's gotten wise to the "What? Those old things have been around here for years!" line of bull.
So, what's a girl to do? 
Well, with a little paint/wax/distressing... 
these girls are ready for their close ups!

I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in 
Old White, Old Ochre and Duck Egg Blue.
I finished them with AS clear wax.

 You can see what I paid for them years ago.  
On sale for $26.99.  Yep, tag still on.  
That's how much I looked at these things...and it's been at least 12 years. 
 Pottery Barn, I think.  Maybe Restoration.

I needed seriously tough stuff for the boy's game room.
They were generally referred to as the whackers.  
Because obviously, they are great for whacking your brother.

"Bowling" down the stairs with their soccer ball and these "bowling pins" was also their idea of fun.  
Oy... those boys.  Good times.

So they were a little roughed up and had a really dark paint on them, 
but the magical chalk paint went on like "butta".
And then a problem...
 After waxing and sanding, a blackish soot like mess was everywhere.  
It was very smeary and ruining the good looks of my fresh paint job. 

 Then I had an Aha! moment.
I remembered reading that a Clorox wipe would 
take off some types of paint.
 (Sorry, I can't remember where I saw it.  
Apparently, I  have CRS.  
My mother-in-law warned me for years that it was coming.) 
The wipe worked like a charm and got that black mess off.  
Bad gunk came off and the good gunk stayed on.  
 Happy days.

Thank you for the tip, All Knowing Saint of Crafting Dilemmas- 
whoever you are! 
 I never would have thought to do that. 
 Those wipes are for Sophie's urps on the floor..

I love how they turned out and since I just saved us $800, 
I can go shopping tomorrow! 
 That's how it works, right?  
Another scintillating example of how
keeping is good.

P.S. I know you're going to ask so I'll spill it...
CRS stands for Can't Remember Sh*t.   
I think.

June 13, 2011

California Girls

While California was a much needed break from all this Texas heat, I'm having a pretty hard time adjusting to being home.   We left a very cool and cloudy Coronado and arrived back into the intense heat and the Land of the Giant Blood Sucking Mosquito.  But instead of whining about the temperature, I'm going to remember the cool breezes and the laughter of these giggly girls.

I'm still trying to catch up on sleep, housework and my projects- but seriously, who am I kidding?

Where is my apron or t-shirt with my motto on it when I need it?  Yes, yes, yes...it's on my list.  And if anyone is interested- I'll be posting about a giveaway very soon.  But until then, I'll remind myself that nothing will happen if I give in to the call of the soft cool sheets and some mindless television.

For now, enjoy a few photos of our trip.  And Mama- there are no decent pics of yours truly.  Maybe next time.  xoxo. T.

Grace Kelly in training.

Hoping to have the rest of the pics transferred from all the phones and iPads by the weekend.  
Magoo took his butt back to CA.  Lucky duck.  :  )

June 3, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I wanted to catch this little guy and bring him home.

The seals in the cove.

I could look at this all day long...didn't want to leave.

Vacation time is here at last.  
While to some of you vacation means visiting warmer climates, we are desperate for a cooler one.  
We're off to one of our favorite places- Coronado and San Diego. 
Temps in the 60's.  YAY!
This year we are going a little later...we usually go in the spring.
 We'll have two little travelers with us this year. 
 Joining us for the adventure will be our nieces, Lexi and Anni.  
This will be their first time on a plane so it's very exciting and a little bit scary.  We can't wait to share our favorite places with them.
I'm a burger girl and a loyal Whataburger fan here in Texas.  
But when I'm in CA, you can bet I'm headed to In N Out Burger.  
At least twice.  

Magoo on Coronado
We'll be packing our bags in a few days and hitting the road.  
Poor Magoo...three girls and all their luggage!  
We'll try to pack light, Honey.  But, you know you're the worst.  ;  )   
Kiss noise!

Ready girls?  Are you packed?  Can't wait to see you. 
 Start the countdown!

Goodbye 100 degree weather and hello cool breezes!

We're on our way.

June 1, 2011


This weekend our holiday plans took a detour when our refrigerator conked out. 
 Luckily for us, it's the secondary fridge that's used for Costco runs.  
We moved what we could to the kitchen fridge and got out the big coolers for the freezer items.  
The nasty little surprise inside the freezer was met with my horror.  
I knew Magoo wasn't going to hang around for this.  
He's got an easy gag reflex.  
That's why we sometimes call him Nancy.  What a mess.  
Melted ice cream and thawed meat are not my favorite things to clean up.  
It was one of those things you wish you could walk away from and pretend you never saw it.  
If only.

But after that was taken care of, Magoo pulled himself away from the Mecum Auto auction and we went on a little adventure to a yard sale at a local antiques dealer.

I found some treasures that I thought I'd share with you and am hoping that someone can tell me a little about one of the pieces- this chair.