May 7, 2015

One more use for Chalk Paint

Have you ever looked at something that really bugged you....
like this stone that had more gold in it than the others?

I have lived with that one bugger of a tile for 14 years.  
The builder wouldn't replace it for a million reasons and I had bigger fish to fry during our move.  
So I let it slide.

It's always hidden by the toaster oven or a cutting board, etc.

So while I was using my favorite ASCP Old White and Country Gray,
I had one of those lightbulb moments.
A big, fat DUH moment.

A quick swish of my brush and a paper towel blot was all it took to
remove that ugly rotten stinking eyesore from my kitchen.

Yes, I do believe in magic.
It comes in a can!

I'm taking a little time away.
I need some fresh perspective and to lay my eyes on a new landscape for a bit.

Thank you for being here for me...I love you all dearly.

See you soon.

May 6, 2015

The only way in.

You think you're in a clearing. The clouds darken. The trees flail in the wind.

Your SuperMom cape is in shreds and you wonder if those seams will hold one more time.

Please God, just one more time.

You feel the straining of the ties.  You hold tight.   And tighter still.

You rage, you scream, you weep.

You loosen the ties.

I can't go on this journey with him.

I have no power here and he must walk this road alone.

I take off my ragged cape.  

I place it around my beautiful boy's shoulders and secure the ties.

Please God, just one more time.

Dear sisters of the heart,
I am usually not one to share my personal struggles online.
Last night I was just so overwhelmed with worry and fear and frustration
that I wrote it down as this post.
An hour later I deleted it, not thinking about the fact that the feed was already captured.
So this morning, many of you had a blank space where this post was supposed to be.

I repost it now, knowing that so many moms feel the same way I feel right now.
Helpless.  Afraid.  Waiting.

I'm a very private person and the type that doesn't ask for help easily, if ever.
Today I step out of my comfort zone and ask you all to please join me in prayers 
for my son as he navigates the rocky, treacherous road of addiction.

I pray that he finds the strength to step in and do the work necessary for his healing.
I'm not sure how much my SuperMom cape has left in it.

Thank you, dear mom warriors

May 4, 2015

Rusty Whiskers







May 1, 2015

Giveaway Winner!

Congrats to Gina!
Miss Gina, please send me your address and 
I'll start working on your prize package.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!