May 24, 2011

Time to get Beach-y

A few weeks ago, I had my son and his friend clear out our storage unit.  Furniture, mattresses from our oldest son that moved home, all his boxes of junk, misc. TV's.  UGH.  Etc., Etc., Etc.

A giant telescope that Mr. Magoo had to have 11 years ago. 
And a Pilates Performer that I may or may not have used. 
 I'm taking the fifth on that one...although anyone getting a good look at my backside will know the truth.  ;  )  

But in the dirty mess, there was a desk chair that used to sit in front of the boys computer.  My boys were not easy on their furniture when they were youngsters. 
Chairs were generally used for ramming into something- usually the desk or each other. 
 In other words, this chair was pretty beat up and according to my son should be tossed into the dumpster.

Uhhh, not so fast, Case.  Load it into the back of my car, Mister.  He knows his Mama has a thing for chairs.  He did roll his eyes a few times.  He can't help it...he gets it from Magoo.

After driving way down to Stafford to Wonderfaux Studio ( shout out to Michelle!) for some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, the SAD little chair has been revived.  I used Duck Egg Blue with the Antique AS wax.  I really went to town on it with the distressing...I love how beachy it turned out.

Wonderfaux Studio - Houston area stockist for Annie Sloan.
The seat was pretty uncomfortable so I used  an old tempurpedic foam pillow for padding and covered the seat with some buttery soft faux leather.  My midnight seat re-covering was not so swift, but was midnight!  I was tired and just wanted it to be finished.  
It's super comfy now and has been moved to my office.

Mr.Magoo and the boys... every stinkin' one of them has tried to steal my chair.
Good luck on that, boys.  I have a guard dog and she's fierce.

She's got a mean 'stink eye', doesn't she?
The pillow is from Ikea and it's intended purpose was to use on our pool lounges.  But as I'm a 'use what you have kind of girl',  it works perfectly.  It's weighted on the end and adjusts up and down easily for when Magoo hangs out in my chair.  And if he sits in it with his wet swim suit on, he won't have to be killed.

Like last summer.  I think some pint sized hineys in wet swim suits may have been in my chair, too.

Lexi? Anni? Da'Lainey? Trenton?  You can sit in here all you want to this long as Sophie says so.

I used an image for the pillow from The Graphics Fairy. Here 

I did change it up a bit on my computer with CameraBag,  
then ironed it on with transfer paper that I roughed up a little to make it look worn.  
So for now it's mine...until I fall in love with another chair.

                                                                   I'm fickle that way.


  1. That chair is fabulous! Wow, I love what you did with it.

    Hey, I see you have a Corgi? Do you by chance know my friend Donna from Brynwood Needleworks? She recently lost her sweet Corgi boy, Fezzik. She used to do a feature called "Fezzik Friday", and through her posts I fell in love with Corgi's, too.

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! Donna was my friend also (Anne mentioned her above) and we are so sad that she lost her corgi boy.

    Love your blog and will be back to see you soon!

  3. Your chair looks absolutely amazing!

    Have a lovely weekend!


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