November 25, 2011

Giving Thanks

I'm so thankful for this day of rest.
I know that seems odd when we've been cooking non-stop for days.
But today was a day to rest and reflect and eat.
And, football.

I cooked all day yesterday and Magoo put the turkey on the rotisserie out back this morning.
Easy. Peaceful. Comforting.

Sophie helped.
Doesn't she have nice manners?

We are stuffed and sleepy.

Today, we took comfort in one another.
We took comfort in our home.
We ate and laughed and loved.
But, we missed him.

We missed his loudness.  We missed his stupid jokes.  We missed his hugs.
We missed his ridiculously large feet on the couch. We missed how he always eats and eats and eats.
And then he eats some more.
We missed his enthusiasm for the game.

We pray.  We breathe.  We are grateful for our blessings.

We live.

Hook 'em, Horns, Critter
You may not have had your favorite meal at home, you big turkey eating boy~
But the Longhorns brought it home tonight.
And we know just how much you loved it.

We love you.

P.S.  Sophie wants to know if she can have your drumstick?


  1. Tina- There is always a bit of sadness mixed in with joy as we celebrate Holidays without all our loved ones around us. I just like to think they are having a little celebration of their own as they watch us from afar.

    God bless you- Your day sounds a lot like ours! xo Diana

  2. awww. feeling that empty nest...

  3. I'm happy you had a good day with Magoo and your boys. It was a day to count our many blessings but to also reflect on the challenges we are going through and will overcome. We were blessed to have loved ones around us yesterday and to remember those who could not be with us. We love them all, near and far.


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