November 2, 2011

WTF/WTFF Wednesday

Welcome to What The Fudge Wednesday!  

You knew I'd use a chocolate related word, didn't you?

What The Milk Dud didn't sound so good, but I'm hungry so I'm thinking I could go for 
What The French Fry.

WTFF!  Even better.

So here's my WTFF moment of the day....and I think the double F is definitely in order here.  

Horse Hitch 
Yeah.  It's a rock.

A $3500 rock.

Made in the USA.  (Seriously, it says that.)

1900's Rock with wrought iron hoop to be used as a horse hitch.


height- 10 in. /depth: 17 in./width/length: 15 in.
Materials/Techniques: Rock & wrought iron      Creator: Unknown   (Again...WTFF?)

It's for sale today online.  I saw it with me very own peepers.

Geez, if Charlie Brown had only known!   "I got a rock" takes on a whole new meaning now.

So polish those babies up, girls!  There's a goldmine out in the yard.

Time to rock.  ;  )

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  1. really? for real, really? are they crazy or a we?????



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