February 24, 2012

My embroidered stool...

I first titled this post "my bathroom stool".
(I hear the giggling and snorting)

 It then occurred to me that you fine ladies and gents
 might think I was going to be talking shiz.
  I quickly reconsidered.
Because surely- you can't think that even I would
 embroider the shiz.

 Dark chocolate and caramel animal print chenille with turquoise embroidery.

And yes, those are chocolate walls back there.
I know, I have a condition.

Chocolate is my little friend.

This is what I sit on to squint gaze into the 
Magnifying Mirror of Horror.

Yeah, you know the one.

I bought this little cutie a few years ago,
 so I thought I'd better confess to that
before some of you start squawking that 
you can't find it.

This was a Tar-jay stool, but I hated the fabric.
 So, I was compelled (yes, compelled!) to 
recover it with this swanky monogram 
and wild woman fabric.
The letters are large -
the "t" is 5 inches tall.

No paint, no distressing.  
Just a quick cushion recover and all is right with my world.

Tar-jay is good.  So good.

Hope you have a great weekend~


  1. lol...your bathroom stool. You are the funniest!

    Honestly, I probably wouldn't have even batted an eye because we talk about that around here a little too much. Between the baby, the cats, the dogs, the horse...we are up to our eyeballs in...well, you get the idea. I should put "Poo-Manager" under one of my job titles.

    Now back to your stool. It is quite lovely and makes peering into that evil mirror much more bearable :)

  2. Tina,
    sitting on that little zebra stool would make even the scariest big ole mirror bearable! Your fabulous turqouise monongram is just the right finishing touch!
    (you are a funny, funny girl)!

  3. Dang good, that Tarjay... Wild Woman Stool for one Wild Woman Woman...hahaha...

    You are an embroidering machine...well, your machine is, but you KWIM...

  4. you made me laugh - several times. the magnifying mirror of horror? ha ha!

  5. We're waiting anxiously here in Canada for our first Target to open this spring - can't wait to find these types of treasures there.

    BTW - love the chocolate brown walls - with all the white and gray out there in blogland, it's nice to see some colour.

  6. Thank the Lord you weren't snazzing up your bathroom "stool"...or ANY stool connected with the bathroom.

    That turned out cute. I always knew you had a bit of the wild woman in you!;>) xo Diana

  7. My family wants to know why I'm laughing out loud while reading this on my iPhone. Seriously, you are hilarious! I love your wild women stool. Awesome!

  8. Hey funny girl! Your stool is super cute! And I don't say that about just ANY stool. :)

  9. Love that cover, and yeah.. I know about the mirror!


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