April 9, 2012

Sweet Easy Pillow

I have several pillows that I have purchased 
 that appear to be painted onto velvet.
They are expensive and cause me to have a lot of anxiety
whenever my sons, dogs or husband
 get anywhere near them.

I wondered if velvet would would hold up
to the iron on tranfer process.
I love the look of the expensive pillows,
but wanted a more casual style for everyday.

I made this pillow with an image from
 The Graphics Fairy.
I had two of these pillow shams sitting around in the cabinet doing nothing-
so one got a makeover.
I ironed on the transfer, careful not to scorch the velvet,
and was really nervous that the nap would be flattened and ruined.
That wasn't the case. Yay!
I then wanted to distress the image.

I used an emery board initially and then got annoyed at
the lack of ruin showing up.
Sandpaper did the trick.
Some crinkling and wadding up gave the image even further age- finally, old look that I wanted.

Next I embroidered a monogram and popped in a pillow form.
And I do believe I am satisfied with my new spring pillow!

No velvet was harmed during the making of this pillow.
Well, maybe a little bit. ; )

Thanks for coming over~


  1. You make it sound so easy. The look is great and very rich looking. Plus I love the chair.

  2. you made me laugh. roughing things up...

  3. Wow- That turned out great. I would not have believed that would transfer like that. You proved it could be done. I am glad no velvet was harmed in this project.... Now...about that leopard that you used to cover the chair with....xo Diana

  4. You so good... that's is quite amazing!

  5. Love the pillow. The transfer and monogram really add a lot. I like the image you chose too.
    BTW, your living room looks so warm and inviting.
    sharon @ mrs. hines class

  6. Beautiful, Tina! Thanks for sharing your technique. Happy Day!

  7. Tina,
    your pillow is fabulous, is there anything you can't do? Lepoard chair and bunny pillow cool combination!

  8. Your pillow and your ROOM look great! Love that wispy topiary in the corner, too.

  9. Agree with Revi...lovin' that topiary!!! Great room!


  10. I love your pillow.Good job.I like your leopard chair too.

  11. Tina,
    those pillows look great! I still have to conquer the fear of transferring images! I bought the transfer sheets that The Graphics Fairy had recommended. Alas, they are still in the shipping envelope (in a drawer so I don't see them and feel guilty)! You have given me the encouragement to try it out! Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog!



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