September 12, 2012

Rockin' and Roastin'

A few weeks ago, 
my best bud next door had her sister 
stop by for a cuppa Joe.

That's a funny play on words.

Her sister's husband is Aerosmith's Joey Kramer.

This is how they roll in for a visit when on tour.

Now, I don't want to name drop but word on the street is that 
Bruce and Lucy Kramer are an item.
Ssshhhh, I don't want the paparazzo sniffing around here
and capturing me in my pajamas with paint in my hair
 at 4 in the afternoon.

What's the deal with the Rockin' and Roastin', you ask?
That's Joey's new coffee.
Yep, even Aerosmith has to wake up and smell the coffee sometimes.
And it's good coffee...

My friend texted me in a panic because she woke up to no coffee in the house.
Yikes, it's an emergency.
Meet me at the garden gate.
Robin was not rockin' without her favorite blend.

You can check it out for yourself here:

Hey Linda...Bruce is getting antsy so Lucy can arrive any day now, mkay?

cue the music...
"...and I don't wanna miss a thing"


  1. Cute post! Yes, people do tend to look at you strangely when you're caught outdoors in your jammies. Don't ask me how I know.

    Bruce is waiting so patiently by the window. :@

  2. I would like a bus. "Kirb Appeal, the Roadshow"

  3. LOL- Sounds like a rocking good time to me- You had me at coffee! Mums the word here on any "news" you shared- xo Diana

  4. pretty cool! gonna go check out the link. :)

  5. A tour bus that's all about coffee? Hell yeah, I'm onboard with that! Yeah, I know...Dream On! ;)

  6. I'm so glad you got pics or I might have believed you were fibbing! Awesome!

  7. That is super cool! I must tell hubby, he plays around in the stock market and I'm sure he'll want to look this up and see if it's gone public yet. :)
    Thank you so much for all the skin info! I'm checking it all out. I welcome anything else you may think of, you're fabulous! Happy Friday!

  8. COOL!! Just plain COOL! I would drink coffee from a member of Aerosmith. I will have to check it out. I am imagining you doin a coffee exchange over the gate, in your jammies! Cute.

  9. How funny! And how cute is Bruce?

  10. What fun! You sure couldn't miss seeing that bus now could you? And I can relate to pj's and paint at 4pm. Does my heart good to know others do too!

  11. I have felt actual panic when I'm out of coffee in the morning as I will run on part idiot mode! Then I hit McD's OR Caribou but they don't make their coffees or lattes as strong as mine- so I'm at a disadvantage for the DAY unless said drinks are MOOSED!

    In other news..I hit the yearly Junk Bonanza yesterday and bought a vintage box that smells funny. Ideas?

    Bring it and hope your weekend is lovely!



  12. Who could possibly turn down a tour bus full of coffee?


  13. How awesome is that?! Aerosmith, coffee and a cool bus to boot? Do they make emergency house calls?

  14. Noooooo.... I never saw this post! So first of all, no coffee in the house, WTF? Clearly you need to help your friend out on more than one level. And second.... yeah ok, so has Bruce sat on the Kramedogs head?



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