October 25, 2012


Wreath making can be tricky when it's hot enough to fry eggs outside.
Using hot glue is not an option until it's cold, since all my doors get full sun for at least half the day.
Melting glue on my door is no fun.
Toothpicks were the answer to securing the ribbon to the straw wreath.
They also helped secure the garland.
I also used bronze tacks to secure the garland and add a decorative element to the wreath.
Even the "No Sniveling" sign is hanging on toothpicks.
After Halloween, an easy unwrapping and I can use it for another 10 minute wreath.
I like that.
Although I'm thinking that the no sniveling can stay around.
I'm not a fan of snivelers.


I made this sign years ago- one for me and one for my friend.
I just changed it up a little with Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue and Antibes Green.
Fresh paint on the letters, a little dark wax, and it was ready to go.

This is the door to the porte cochere, and the door everyone uses because it's closest to the driveway.

I still have to do the front porch, but we are getting a cool front tomorrow.
I nice cool breeze and I am in gear and on the move.
Hopefully, it will feel like Fall for a few days.
Have a spook-tacular weekend...says my little friend.
Can you see her by the urn?
Moldy Girl has a friend.
Or two.


  1. I like the wreath! All of your fall decorations are so very nice!!


  2. really cute, tina. like the spook, too! and no sniveling is perfect.

  3. I like the message...I need that more than just Halloween!

  4. Wow, Tina. Where do I begin? LOVE that ribbon - and the no sniveling sign. I hadn't thought about hot glue in Houston, but you're SO right. Those URNS are wonderful! I'd love some just like them. And they are great with your boxwood and pumpkins in them! How in the world did you get that little girl ghostly image? Clever. If this is your porte cochere entrance, I can't wait to see your front door!

  5. I almost missed the spirit hiding out by the urn. Spooky!

    Otherwise, your door looks very tongue-in-cheek welcoming. Your wreath with the great sign and black door are the perfect complement to each other. Happy Halloween!

  6. No sniveling! I love it!

    And you know I adore those orange flowers on that wreath...

  7. Just gorgeous. Black with the fall colors just perfect. Looks warm and inviting.

  8. Love the wreath! You're so creative!

  9. I love the wreath! Never thought of using toothpicks. YOU are so smart! Thanks for the idea.

    I also abhor sniveling!

    I do recall living in Tennessee and having the AC on one year as I trimmed our tree..it was odd. How hot is it there and when does it cool off a bit?

    It snowed here the other day. Nothing stayed, but it was a BUMMER.

    Happy Saturday!



  10. TINA,
    love the wreath and the sentimen! I could use it around here! My 2 boys, er my 2 grown men as they like to remind me, seem to have been doing a lot of that lately about one thing or another!! Your "ghostly girl" is very cool, I missed her at first! Great job, can't wait to see more!

  11. Love your wreath, Tina. It is downright cold here today. Glad to send you some of this weather. I did a little cleaning up in the garden, but nearly froze. Hot apple cider time.


  12. what a beautiful wreath!I found your blog today, we have another friend in common! Its so nice to meet you!! I will enjoy following along

  13. Hi, Tina - Wonderful decorations and photos. Yes, I see your little friend! How did you do that??? Very, very cool. You are so clever and talented :)
    Spooktacular indeed!!

  14. PS - I just learned a new word: sniveling!! Just googled it :)
    Totally agree: none of that!!

  15. You know I'm not crafty (see: Marianne's life 0-present), but every time I read your blog, I think "one day, one day...."

    Awesome wreath.

  16. The wreath is so cool! The pumpkins in the vases are lovely and clever. You're definitely a good witch Tina!

  17. Your decor is so pretty! The young lady in one picture is adorable. Great idea in making the wreath with toothpicks...I wouldn't think of that.


  18. I love your urns!! And I totally missed the 'girl' until I read to look for her! I'm your newest follower and would love you to visit and say hi :)


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