October 18, 2012

Leaves For Leontien

Dear brave Leontien,

I was so happy to see that you posted and let us know how you are doing.
We continue to pray that you remain ever strong in your battle against cancer.

We don't get much autumn here in south Texas, 
so I have chosen a photo that is pretty representative of our October this year.

Please enjoy a little friend from the South~
I hope he makes you smile.

If you would like to know more about Leontien and submit a photo for her to view,
click HERE.

Thank you, Nancy, for helping us add a little happiness into Leontien's day.


  1. i love lizards ... great leaves for Leontien. enjoy your fall. (:

  2. What wonderful support for Leontien! I like the lizard! Great picture!


  3. I am sure it will make Leontien smile it sure made me smile. Thank you. B

  4. Thoughts and prayers to Leontien. This photo is gorgeous Tina. I love lizards. I do! ;)

  5. Piękne zdjęcie wybrałaś dla Leontien. Pozdrawiam.
    Beautiful picture you chose for Leontien. Yours

  6. I also love lizards.

    Beautiful photo and lovely idea!

    Also..beautiful new profile pic, I love it!

  7. Wonderful. And I, too, simply adore your new profile pic.

  8. beautiful... so wonderful to see such kindness flowing.

  9. This comment may show that I was not paying enough attention before (which makes me embarrassed) but I always wondered what state you lived in. Texas.....Just read it. If it is in your bio, or stamped on my head, forgive me for not realizing it, and just play along with my ditz. ;)

    I lived in Garland Texas from 3-4 years old. I have memories of one Ice Storm, and a babysitter walking me to a park. Oh, and a Catholic preschool that I only lasted a day at. Did not want to be separated from my Mama! My Dad being a surfer, of course we had to move back to California.

    As always, I just love the 'comfort' of your blog. ;) xoxo

  10. Gosh Tina, I made that comment about me but forgot to mention that I completely am putting my heartfelt thoughts to Leontien. As right this very second my mother in law is battling cancer, and my husband is making reservations to fly to Florida to see her.
    I will definitely submit a photo of the fall leaves in the canyon behind our home. xoxo

  11. Action commendable. A photo simply marvelous.
    Monika B.

  12. going over to share a beautiful picture with Leontine. My sis went thru it this year..We have alot to be thankful for!
    xo Nancy


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