November 5, 2012


While I'm waiting for Gwen to receive her goodies, 
(because I mailed them to the wrong town and was obviously heavily medicated or just plain loco)
I'll share some photos of a recent afternoon.

Had to take a little road trip last Monday and could not ignore one of my favorite places~
Leftover's  in Brenham, Texas.
These photos aren't great, but I did the best I could with the 5PM light and my phone.

 These candles are gorgeous!  Like frosting oozing out all over.
The smallest one is $29.
The table full would cost a fortune, but they'd be spectacular at Christmas.

Lots of ironstone to look at-
And this smiley faced pooch-
You know that I had to go check him out.

 I asked if this dresser was painted in the new Annie Sloan color, Florence.
They bought it from someone and didn't know, but it looks very similar with a dark wax, don't you think?
I just loved running my hand over it- so beautifully waxed.
 I was in love with the teal and caramel color.
Flashback to 1987.

And then the transferware platters!  
These were the softest blue and the collection was really highlighted 
against the creamy backdrop, silver and sparkling glass.

Does anyone know what this container is?
The large black/cream?
Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Sorry this is so blurry, but you get the idea.
Get over there if you can!

Rugs, rugs, rugs.
They have a huge selection of Dash and Albert.

Linens head was spinning at this point
Too much to see, not enough time!

I'll post the Christmas section photos tomorrow.

Until then,


  1. OMG!

    I am in love! My favorite type of store. If I lived near you and they allowed margaritas in cups, I envision spending time staring at linens and platters while sitting and drinking. Maybe even a sweet tea if we had enough time by that fab chandy!

    I love it all.

    Have no idea what that black container is, but that frame behind it? LOVE!

    Your teal comment and 80's flashback moment made me laugh. Thank you!

    I love those candles but also can't really see myself spending that kind of money on..candles...

    I saw the dog and stopped. I didn't know I wanted to collect those dogs or any dog until now.

    Speaking puppy is driving me nuts! As I type this, he is continually shoving small items under furniture. Then he cries and I have to find them and retrieve them. It's cute, but annoying! The dog sculpture wouldn't do that!

    Love every item you photographed AND I think your phone camera and you take good pictures!

    Did I mention I loved the chandelier? Okay.



  2. I know right where that is ...neat stuff

  3. This store is on my list - can't wait to check it out soon!!

  4. What a great place and those candles are spectacular. What a lot of eye candy. I really have NO idea what that black and cream canister is...did you figure it out? xo Diana

  5. What a fantastic store! I could SO lose myself there... wowz...

    Can't wait!!!

  6. Tina,
    that shop looks amazing! So many things, where to look first! Great collection of pitchers and that pup, to cute!

  7. OMG, all those ironstone pitchers and that blue & white transferware!!! And there's more?!

    Thanks for taking us along on your shopping trip. Good thing you have a large SUV to fit us all.....and our purchases. :@


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