January 22, 2013

Liar Liar Pants On Fire

Aren't you?
Just once I'd like to see it happen.
Like to the guy who says it wasn't his fault that he smashed into your car while you were stopped at the light.
He'd be a good one to start with.
(No, it didn't happen to me.)

So I won't tell you that my house is in order yet.
One corner of my house is clean.
The holiday stuff is almost put away and the three inches of dust has been vacuumed.
It's so sunny outside that I feel like I'm already suffering from the spring cleaning crazies.
After the flu hell I'm ready to get things accomplished.
If you look closely you'll see that I neglected to remove the mistletoe from the sconces.
It's hiding behind the topiaries on the mantle.
It was too late to drag the ladder back in last night.

Baby ostrich is in place...what?  That's freakish you say?
He's cute and I live in the nut house instead of on a farm, so he's very appropriate.
He amuses me.

Mistletoe gone, ladder put away, morning light thru the windows
and satisfaction is approaching.
But, oh...there's this.

The truth shall set you free...and stop your pants from bursting into flames.

I can light a fire under my butt and get moving when I need to.
Like now...so I can watch Addison and Jake get married on the final episode of Private Practice.
Gotta run...

BTW, the new giveaway starts this Friday.
Stay tuned!


  1. sorry if you got into a car wreck! yuck!

    and my house is no where near clean. dog footprints, sand, dust, hair, blah, blah, blah...

  2. Tina, you amazing girl, you and only you can manage to create a vignette that is all at once sweet, sophisticated, funny and bizarre. (A dried baby ostrich - who else has one?)It is so pretty, then you look closer and laugh, then you say, "What the..." and I am green with envy.

  3. Did you get rear ended? Or side swiped? Why do I always assume people rear end others? I guess because that's what always happened to me. Are you okay? Rat Bastardos!

    I must admit I was a bit shocked to see your Ostrich Friend on your mantel, but I laughed! I know if it's real you must have come by it post mortem and I don't think it could sit in taxidermy style in a warmer or better styled house.

    Again, your home is beautiful! Seriously like a Ballard Designs room. I just want to move in.

    You should come visit, it's five below right now! There's also a pretty cool ice sculpture near the Mall of America and Ikea. Judging by this winter, it will probably be cold enough in May and will keep.

    Enjoy Private Practice! I will be watching Parenthood tonight and I think Ben and Kate is on as well as New Girl..all hilarious! I'm also going to make pasta now.

    I'm rambling...



  4. Okay girls, had to edit and let you know that it was not me in the accident!

  5. Okay- It's official. I actually know someone that uses an ostrich in their scheme of decorating and it looks cute. You are too much, Tina. I love it-love you, too- xo Diana

    Accident? No- I didn't see anything officer-what idiot? Where?

  6. I know you weren't in an accident and I'm glad. :) I love your cabinets around the FP. You have such a great decorating style! My husband laughed when I showed him your sign :)
    Looking forward to your giveaway! Happy day to you, Tina!

  7. Tin a,
    only you, but that's why we love ya! I wish I had things "cleaned up"! Don't tell anyone but my Xmas tree is still up! I have a good excuse, really I do! Planning on getting it down this week, honest! You've inspired me, get it together and get moving!

  8. Where on earth did you find that baby ostrich?!?! I was fixated on the funny looking spiny hairs until I noticed that it was an actual baby ostrich! That is hysterical...his bitty little eyes are always watching. And I love your sign - isn't that the truth?!

  9. hilarious...I cannot believe my eyes...I used to be an ostrich rancher and have tons of old eggs..but no stuffed baby...I killed so many of those not on purpose! they are meant to be wild!

    I've often thought it would be fun for those who peed in a pool for the water to turn purple...unless it was me doing it!

  10. Is this your place? It is beautiful!

    Ali of:


  11. I love your baby ostrich! What does that say about me?! I once saw a pair of stuffed chipmunks at a shop and probably would have bought them if the women I was shopping with hadn't been creeped out by them. :@

  12. Love your quote and your shelves look so cute! (Plus you crack me up :)

  13. I laughed when I heard the phrase "liar, liar, pants on fire" - haven't heard that in years. I think about politicians, athletes, you name it. It would be funny watching all the people with burning pants.

    Thanks for a good laugh!

  14. I LOVE your Baby Ostrich, Oddities always Amuse and Appeal to me... I was the Wednesday Addams Type of Child and have Blossomed into a Morticia Addams Type of Woman, what can I say? I wanted to live in the Addams Household, what a fun bunch I always thought! And it's Beautiful when a Blogger keeps it Real about the shortcomings of not always keeping an Orderly Home. Mine is right now a Beautiful Mess... well, not actually so Beautiful in parts, but I am on a 2013 Mission to continue to Cull, Edit, Purge and Organize... then comes the Cleaning... it should be a very busy year! *Winks* And I Love that Saying as well, yes, I want to light a Liar on Fire... I'd rather someone be brutally Honest than put on a facade or be a stranger to the Truth... I can Respect Honesty, even if it's a difficult Truth to hear.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  15. Oh my gosh... love, love this! The 'sign' is amazing and I love the baby ostrich!! So much more practical than a full grown one too. Thanks for stopping by to visit Will and me!

  16. Tina, you are hilarious!!! I need a sign like this in my house.

  17. That is hysterical, and I'm pinning it.


  18. Tina, That is a funny quote! Your house looks amazing and I'm loving all the ideas from your cute vignettes! Thank you so much for sharing at Simple & Sweet Fridays. Have a wonderful week!


  19. Man, I miss Private Practice. Damn. I always wonder about those people who are always changing up their stuff. I can barely get the house cleaned up from Christmas to do something for spring or 4th of July. Love your pants on fire sign. A lot.


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