April 22, 2013

Oh, Henry

This is our Henry, Sophie's much larger and younger brother.   
He's had several nicknames like Yoda,Yodi, Hank and BoBo. 
 BoBoLito and BoBoLiscious and Dug.  
Unlike his sister, he likes posing for photographs.  

On occasion we speak to him in a British accent 
so that he won't forget his heritage as one of The Queen's dogs. 

 Henry was the cutest little Corgi-Bear.  
His paws were so huge that they were twice as big as Miss Sophie Skinny Legs, 
so we knew he was going to be a big boy.  
He fit right in with our crazy crew.

There may have been an assasination attempt on his first day with Baby Girl.

If you saw the movie "Up", you may recognize Henry.  
We're fairly certain that the character of Dug was based on Henry. 
 You know...that whole "You are my Master and I love you" thing?  And of course, "Squirrel!!!!"   
 That's so Henry.  He's just a big, lovable goofball.
Henry didn't mind the swim and was a good sport about the possible attempt on his life. 
 It's takes a lot to ruffle that fur.

He would play catch until he collapsed if we didn't tire out first.  He's 4.  We are not.

This yellow flowering plant is called Wedelia or Texas Creeping Ox Eye. 
 The dogs love it- but for very different reasons.

Sophie loves to look for frogs and lizards.  Henry prefers laying in it like it's his private bedroom.  

Luckily, Wedelia is very resilient and Henry can hang out there until it freezes in winter.  
This year it didn't freeze and will bloom early.

He also happens to have a mild allergy to the stuff as noticed when he comes in with a very pink nose.
 It doesn't seem to bother him too much and he's cute with that pink nose anyway.

You've seen what Bruce likes to do with it!

These photos were from two summers ago.
The crepe myrtles were in full bloom and the blossoms were blowing everywhere.  
We refer to it as The Purple Snow.  
The first blooms will be out soon and we should have our snow early this year
Usually it's mid June.  
We look forward to it every year.


 I can see those ears from a mile away.
Have a great weekend!  Hope you enjoyed our goofballs.  They're keepers.


  1. Thanks for the introductions to Henry and Sophie. They're adorable! I love the purple and yellow flowers, too. What a nice pop of color for your yard.

  2. Absolutely loved this post. Your photos are amazing! And Henry and Sophie are precious. We has an Izzy too. She was a wild child and the sister to my Gracie. Not 100% on what they are. Grace looks like a cross between a corgie & dashund.

  3. And he may like kippers to eat too!

  4. Well my goodness if this didn't bring a smile to my face! Of course, I know these two very well. You see, they are my neighbors and I can attest that everything that is written is true. Of course, they are much more adorable in person. I enjoy hearing them barking in their backyard and running along our fence. Of course, I'm a big fan of the yard as well. I need to plant some wedalia too :)

  5. Your Corgis are so adorable! Love your family members.

  6. Henry and Sophie are fantastic! I love the shot of the assassination attempt! Those eyes speak volumes. Take care. Chel x

  7. Lve your keepers! Patty/BC

  8. Oh love, love, love! They are so sweet - I want to hug them right through my screen. The facial expressions are priceless! keep 'em coming - I love me some gratuitous cute pup pics!

  9. My god, you have the cutest dogs!

    I think I'm turning into a weirdo- I want more dogs! It's ridiculous I know- clearly I need to open a sanctuary!

    Believe it or not, I refer to Curtis as "BooBoolicious"! His main nickname is BooBoo - he also goes by Bugaboo and Schmertrand. Brad asks why and I always say " he named himself! Those names came through me!"

    Daisy is mainly Zazzle or Baby Z. Sometimes she's Florence when she's acting old and cranky..

    Loved this post- want to kiss your babies!


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