April 2, 2013


Just sharing a few photos from inside my home today.
This was an Easter arrangement of 
tulips, hydrangea, faux horse apples, some gifts from Bruce (chewed tree branches)
and a nest with my little Florenza bird salt cellar.

My ironstone cup.

White hydrangea.

Oh yes, I do like photographing my perfect cup.

Hedwig, Hedwig and Hedwig.
My little white owl babies from Christmas- I can't bear to put them away yet.

And last, but not least...my good friend Wilbur.

"When your stomach is empty and your mind is full,
it's always hard to sleep." -E.B White

So, off to bed I go with my nervous dogs.
(there's a storm brewing)

And yes, there will be snacks.

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  1. a storm rolled thru here this afternoon - yes, i had a couple of nervous dogs, too.

    love the tulips!

  2. I love your tulips! I remember your baby owls, so cute! Yep, we get nervous dogs here to with any storm.

  3. Tina! Your photos are so lovely - mesmerizing. I love your floral basket arrangement - so lush and rich and textural. From what I see, it epitomizes your "look."
    Praying for your safety in the storm - a hedge of protection on all sides.

  4. You make me giggle.

    How thoughtful of Bruce to find the chewy sticks for your decor! I just found a few in our backyard... They'd been under snow since November... They will not be placed in any arrangements anytime soon.

    Are your hydrangeas growing already?!

    As usual, your casa is Bella!!

  5. What great whites. I love them all. Hope you had a wonderful day- xo Diana

  6. Those owls are too cute! Must be the static electricity from the storm.....

  7. The Easter arrangement is stunning! And so sweet that Bruce helped to contribute. :-) Your baby owls look real! You have such a beautiful sense of design.

  8. Enjoying your beautiful white flowers with you! Happy WW!

  9. You do have a great eye for arrangements! So pretty. Are horse apples the same thing as hedge apples? Love your little salt cellar and envious of your perfect tea cup!

  10. Snacks for you or the dogs?


  11. I love your little baby owls. I would leave them up all year round. They are adorable. And I LOVE Wilbur! I collect pigs. I adore pigs. They're like the distant cousin of the pug!

  12. Snacks? Did you say Snacks???

    Oh, those owls are crazy! How fun... I'm working on a project with some of the fun fabric I won from you! Can't wait to show you!

  13. Love it all, but especially Wilbur :)

  14. Very crisp and clean - even Wilbur!

  15. Tina,
    your whites are lovely! I don't blame you for liking to photograph your cup, it is perfect!! Those little owls are to cute, I'd leave them out too!

  16. Ahhh, white is so soothing, even when it's on a pig and wild owl baby. So fun.

  17. Hi Tina,
    Your photography skills sure show here as all your photos are so nice. Those owls are a riot.......
    Like your floral arrangement you did too, beautiful.

    Blessings, Nellie


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