May 8, 2013

The Box

This old box sat in my parents garage for a very long time.
It was just a dirty old brown thing that had been used as a shoe shine box.
But it had tons of possibility.

I gave it a coat of ASCP in Old White and then Antibes Green.
On top I mod podged a color copy that I reversed.
Next, I broke the rules and mod podged very lightly over the top of the print, too.
As it dried, I began to peel off bits of paper and wet it down slightly with a damp sponge.
That's when the magic began, as the ink started to smear and run.
I loved it!
I let it dry, put another coat of MP on, let it dry and then sanded lightly to distress the image even more.
The image is of JP Coats thread, a vintage ad you can find at The Graphics Fairy.
I changed/ added color to the original.
(Email me if you'd like a copy of my version)
I waxed with AS dark wax and added a little clock face leftover from another project.

I'm going to fill it with what nots and doo dads in my sewing room.
The giant scissors were a gift from my niece Emily years ago...they were from Pottery Barn.
I gave them a coat of ASCP in Coco.
I found this old book at an estate sale-
I think we all enjoy the same ideals as the women/men of the 1940's, don't you?

I wonder if they used foul language and beat things with hammers like we do?
That's generally how I obtain a continual source of pleasure and satisfaction.

 Or did we miss the memo about our craftwork being relaxation?

Well, I do agree that there are new worlds to conquer.

Shall we proceed enthusiastically with countless projects of our own planning?
Personally, I'd rather use a little foul language and bang hammers.


  1. I love the finish on your old box! Your transfer looks like it's been there forever.

  2. Your whatnots and doodads are very lucky to have such a gorgeous home!

  3. all demure and helpful with your crafting hints and techniques, then the true you comes out. LOVE IT!

  4. Great job! It really looks weathered and old, yet the color is so pretty.
    Now, go beat H_ _ _ out of something!


  5. great post-I prefer the hammer also ;-)

  6. Can you even find your hammer when you need it? The "family" takes mine because they can't find theirs, so when I go to use mine it's gone. So yeah, I usually would rather bang something with the hammer when I find it.


  7. Foul words and banging hammers rates highly in my book! Add a little wine and you have the perfect form of relaxation. Just sayin'....

    By the way, I love how the old box turned out! Very cool with the transfer.

  8. First...your old box turned out gorgeous...even if you are a scofflaw and broke rules! Second...that book page was hilarious! Yes..I'm excited and proceeding enthusiastically to the tool shed to get my f^&%#*@ hammer!! Getting your posts by email now because I've taken on another day at work and the only thing that happened was...i was missing reading some of my favorite yours. Should be able to keep up better now!

  9. SOOOO cool! And your treatments make it look a hundred years old. I love your experimental self, Tina. :)

  10. What a fun post! The green box looks great. I had to giggle when I read, and then you reiterated, craftwork being relaxation. I must be doing it all wrong :). Like you, the foul language comes out often (like making box cushions).

  11. I love how the box turned out! You are soooooo creative! I think you must have a special gift of seeing what you want and making it happen.

    As I recall, when I do crafts--it has been a while--blue language sometimes slips out. I'm usually so tense about getting it done right!

  12. Foul language and bang hammers? Now you're cookin'.

  13. Tina,
    your box turned out fantastic, love the color and transfer! So, you have to do a little banging with a hammer, say a few "choice" words, we all have to get our "angst" out somehow. The end results make it all worth it!

  14. I think it came out great! I love how it's all worn off looking! I love the new header! How did I miss that? Is it brand new? Looks good!

  15. How fun, I love your box and the transfer is perfect. Great job. I host a party called Inspire Me Tuesday and it goes live every Monday evening. I would love for you to link up any of your projects. Hugs, Marty

  16. Ha-too funny! And I'm lovin that green box! :)

  17. That turned out beautiful Tina - the colors are just perfection!
    I try so hard not to curse - I don't know how creative people stop themselves from cursing - is there a secret to that? lol

  18. This turned out so pretty. Great job on the transfer, it looks like it was there forever and I love your little vignette. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  19. Love, LOVE the transfer...and your poor little mouse....he got in the way of a project I take it! I like that iron too. New to your blog...adding you to my endless bloglist!!

  20. Just beautiful! I love the color and the technique you used. Thanks so much for sharing at Simple & Sweet Fridays.

    Take Care,

  21. Today is my first visit - I was intrigued by the title "what we keep". It is interesting to see what we keep. I am glad my dad was a hoarder- he kept everything. I just need to find the time to visti my parents' garage. They are no longer with us, but what they kept is there waiting for me to find it like you found the box in your parents' garage.

  22. Using foul language and banging things with hammers is a VERY good way to let off steam.:)
    I totally laughed at that. I have a feeling the mouse under the iron is using a few foul words about now.

  23. Absolutely the cutest post! Your mouse cracked me up and the box with the great green and the aged graphic couldn't have come out any better. Make more, make more!

  24. What did that poor rabbit ever do to deserve an iron on top of it? ;)

    You are so funny!

    I enjoy that the old article let peeps know that they may enjoy MORE than one craft! Always good to get a green light.

    I also swear and yell during craft time. Not always. I had an ex that used to say "Are you sure you like this? You seem ______" and I'd say "Screw you! You understand nothing! My anger does not mean that I completely fail to derive enjoyment! You don't get it!"

    I've found all of my curtains! and visited Como Park in a rainstorm!

    Hope your weekend has been great!



  25. The box is beautiful...and I'm lovin' the mouse poses.


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