June 21, 2013

Take It Easy

I came in from the backyard on Wednesday where I had been taking photos.
I still had the camera in my hand when I saw two mourning doves
enjoying an afternoon nap out on the front porch bench.

Not wanting them to fly away, I carefully and quietly shot these photos through the window.

Their coloring is beautiful.
Don't you love that lime green eye lid?
I watched them for quite awhile, just taking in the quiet beauty of the two 
as they napped on the shady porch in the heat of the afternoon.
I am deliberately slowing my pace this summer and enjoying these moments.
This evening they will soothe us with the sounds of their gentle songs.
And we'll be listening.

"Lighten up while you still can...don't even try to understand
Just find a place to make your stand
and take it easy."
(lyrics by Jackson Browne and Glenn Frey)


  1. i was already singing that song in your head as soon as i saw your title.

    love these photos!

  2. Now the song is in my head, but it's a good one!
    You took some great shots. I love the sound of the mourning doves. It helps me relax, too. Have a "take it easy" weekend!

  3. I can hear them cooing. Just like you and Magoo.

  4. I am so on your side of the window...loved this post so much!

  5. So beautiful.
    I enjoy doves . . . I think i understand why they often represent peace.

    Your pictures sure do . . .

    Lovely Post,
    Thank You,

  6. I have a pair that nest every Spring above my front door...they are so pretty! It's good to slow down now and then....recharges the batteries....

  7. Very cool pics! Enjoy summer:@)

  8. I love your photos! We have many doves and cardinals and blue jays in our yard, and we spend a lot of our time watching them.

  9. Oh Tina these are awesome I love their delicate look.
    Good advice slow down and enjoy those simple beautiful moments. Beautiful indeed. B

  10. You've got the right idea, Tina. :)

  11. Tina,
    your photos are gorgeous! Sometimes we all need to just slow down a little and enjoy our time and what's around us! Ahhhh, Glen Fry, how sexy is he still!
    Nothing makes me happier then to be listening (blaring) the eagles greatest hits CD as I'm cruising down the hwy!

  12. Gorgeous birds. I love those lime colored lids. It was calming just to read about your afternoon. You know what? This has always been my favorite Eagles song? One of the first I ever learned to play. "...runnin' down the road tryin' to loosen my load..." one of the all time great lyrics. And I love that it's co-written by Jackson Browne.

  13. Great advice Tina! Great pictures and great song too! I have never noticed their lime green eyes..then again..don't think I've ever been quite that close!

  14. Love that attitude! Great pics! :)

  15. What a lovely post. The morning doves are beautiful and I'm so glad you captured them on film and were able to share with us.

    Just looking at them brought a peaceful, easy feeling.

  16. They are so beautiful!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  17. How beautiful! I love doves, for me when I hear them it just gives me a sense of peace. Summer is a wonderful time to slow down and enjoy the journey.
    Thank you for the email, It helps to know that I am not alone and that other people may have burdens similar to me.
    Hope you have a fabulously slow relaxing week!

  18. Thank you for a few moments of serenity! After watching that crazy tight rope guy cross the Grand Canyon, I needed it!

  19. Don't let the sound of your own voice drive you crazy ...........
    Beautiful photos Tina - and BEAUTIFUL

  20. Morning doves are so lovely! Love their little green eyelids. And thanks for getting that song stuck in my head...(at least it's better than the Lady GaGa one from earlier today!)

  21. Tina- I just love mourning doves. They are so sweet and gentle....they are BAD nest makers but they are lovely to look at and enjoy- xo Diana

  22. Oh these pictures are wonderful! I can't believe you got them through glass. I had morning doves nest in a hanging basket on my porch once. I loved it. Take it easy dear!

  23. Beautiful. Love those eyelids too!


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