October 9, 2013

Giving A Helping Hand

It's no secret that I am an animal lover, right?

My dogs have the luxury of a family that adores them.
So do yours.

My heart breaks for two sweet dogs that have experienced great suffering at the hands of
a so called human being.
I want to tell you about Will and Grace and the amazing woman who saved them and 
has provided so much love and care for them.
They need our help...can we help them?
Kathi just celebrated their "Freedom Day" this week-
Will and Grace have been free for eight months.

These babies are being boarded until a forever home is found.
Kathi needs assistance with those costs, as well as food and other essentials.
She sells bracelets, keychains and other things to help cover costs.
So many kind and loving supporters have donated because they applaud the efforts
Kathi has made in order to save Willie and Gracie.
It's an incredible story- horrifying that there are people who have
no concern for the welfare of innocent animals- but so wonderful in that these two dogs
have been saved from a horrific life by a true hero.
She never gave up until they were safe.

I'll be having a fundraiser sale for Will and Grace
on Friday afternoon, Oct. 11.

The sale will include:
 Embroidered items for the home
Vintage linens
Donated items from Tina @ Belou492 Designs
 a few American Staffordshire Terrier themed items! 

That's their true breed name...if you've ever wondered what I mean when I call Bruce a Staffy, now you know!
There is such a negative vibe attached to the term pit bull-
it's so unfair to judge an entire breed.
The breed is beloved in families everywhere.
That includes my own family and friends 
who have adopted these loving animals.

I hope you'll come by and take a look.

 Please, please help if you can.

Thanks to Bethany Brower, Tina-Dorn Weaver
Danni Baird and Suzan Sweatman
who have so generously offered their help.

Bruce and The Shorties 
thank you on behalf of 
Will and Gracie.

All proceeds are going to help Will and Grace.
 Every penny.
I can't bring them home, even though I'd love to.
 I can help in this way.
 October is Pit Bull Awareness month. 

If you'd like adoption info please visit their FB page or click 

the links below to see them on RescueMe.org

Saving Will and Grace FB Page

                         Will on RescueMe.Org                                           

If you'd like to make a donation for their boarding/care,

 please call directly to the Vet that is boarding them. 

The number is 806-745-2623

You can also make a paypal donation to 


I'll have some beautiful items posted here on the blog!

Sneak preview this evening. :)


  1. I love that you're doing this! I'm amazed by Kathi's fortitude in keeping them safe. I adore that pic of Will's graduation! Lol. And Grace in the bday cap.

    Hopefully we can help them to find a home someday soon! I've been a lazy blogger, but I'll post this on my blog as well.

    You're a good egg, TOT.


  2. I'll be back T. Marking it on my calendar. I'm so glad Will & Grace have been rescued and are on their way toward a forever home. What sweethearts. And the photo of Henry, Bruce and Sophie...*melt*. I wish I could reach through my screen and pet them. I'm heading over to the FB page and I'm gonna share.

  3. I am a dog lover, and it's very sad how some people treat animals. Sadly, those are the same people that don't respect human lives either.

  4. a sweet thing you and their supporters are doing...

  5. I will never understand the abuse of animals. How wonderful that Kathi is doing this. xo Laura

  6. You my good friend, have a heart of gold! I'll be back!

  7. I so wish I could take those two home with me! I, too, hate that all pits are given a bad rep based on how a few humans have mis-trained a few pits. The human trainers are the problem, not the dogs.

    I shall help in any way I can.

  8. Thanks for doing this Tina! I'm confused though, will you be posting things for sale on FB?

  9. Tina - thank you for getting the word out. these precious babies deserve loving and wonderful homes. this makes me wanna cry that no one has stepped up after 8 months. Thank you for being a good person.

  10. I was directed here by Danni AND Suzan, so I knew it was important.

    Bravo to you.

  11. Thank you for doing this, Tina. I am an animal lover, too, and an advocate for better treatment for our fellow creatures. I don't understand why humans feel the need to hurt animals. It comforts me to know there are people like you and Kathi and others who are fighting the good fight.

  12. Right on Tina! Love that you're doing this. I'm an animal lover through and through and my sister had a beautiful Staffy for years who was a much loved member of the whole family, and we've taken in 4 abandoned stray cats who've given us much unconditional love. I'm so happy that there are people like Kathi and you in this world. It gives me hope for us all.

  13. this looks like Bella...what sweet little faces...so glad for good animal lovers in the world.

  14. Thank you so much for taking the time to raise awareness of these dogs. I have a bull terrier, shepherd, hound mix (probably a few other breeds thrown in!) who is a rescue. Our local dog park is a pit bull friendly park. I have never met a vicious one out there. It is the PERSON not the dog who is mean. Sent here by Danni.

  15. I think what you're doing here is great. It's always nice to be able to help animals in need.

  16. It breaks my heart when I hear of abuse stories. It happens everywhere, even in the food we eat. Glad to see that there are people like you out there!

  17. I just now saw this Tina! I am with you! These people aren't human beings! You are so sweet to help. I am here for you. Can't wait to see what you will be selling. Count me in on a purchase!!!

  18. That just breaks my heart ... you are so sweet to help.

    My sister-in-law and her husband have an Old Dog Haven at their home because, crazy as it seems, people "throw away" their pets if they get too old and have special needs. So sad, really. How could you spend a decade with an animal and then just throw it away ...

  19. i'm curious...was the owner prosecuted?

  20. We must remember that humans are the ones who turn these animals into fighting machines, creating the misconception that pits are here for one purpose only. I have a red nosed pit who is the most loyal, caring, lovable, smart and caring family dog we have ever had. I was one of those who believed the negatives until she came into our lives. Please, please give these animals the loving home that they deserve!

  21. you have stolen my heart! I love this!

  22. Great post...I'm going to go check this out. I'm really surprised this much time has gone by and no one has adopted them?! Usually when stories like this go public, someone is clamoring to adopt them. I'm stunned.



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