November 7, 2013

Transforming Office From Masculine to Mine

Achy breaky arms...and back, neck, legs.
Even my hair hurts.
I stole this office from Magoo a few years ago 
when I made the call that he was too loud and messy to office downstairs.
All this custom built cabinetry was beautiful but after all this time, I have had enough of it.
I had to take a stand.
The general said "don't you dare paint that room".
Are you laughing?
I thought so.

All three of the male inhabitants walked in and expressed their horror at the sight of the first coat of paint.

Can I just say that the first three days my paintbrushes were flying 
like little bluebirds of happiness...the change was so wonderful to me.
That was about the time that my body began to scream and demand rest.
The last three days have been harder, but the payoff is in sight.

It took two coats of ASCP Country Grey to cover the fruitwood stain, 
before adding the MB Sugar Cane.
One and 1/2 cans of Country Grey, one can of Sugar Cane, one sample jar of Sugar Cane, one can MMS furniture wax.
A word about painting and waxing in an entirely enclosed room... 
this room has a giant single pane window that doesn't open yet I didn't suffer from a single headache.
That would have been impossible using other paints...even low VOC which still smells strong to me.
Miss Mustard Seed's furniture wax is so lightly scented that it's barely detectable and it dries like a dream.
I'm chemical sensitive and I'm thrilled to tell you that I had no reactions to any of these products.

Six days and a few nights...all by myself except for dogs under my feet.
The non believers did supply me with food and cold beverages.

My assistant having a nap amongst the chaos.

Almost done...more buffing to do and the french doors have to be finished, but I'm almost there.
And still breathing!
This is my computer area.  There are three additional paneled walls.
How many rooms can a woman destroy in a home?  My family will tell you...
Every single one of them.

I'll share photos of the room soon...I'm anxious to move the pretties in!


  1. Hey, Miss T! LOVE your new space, and I can't wait to see all your pretties in there. They'll pop against your paint job...
    I think a nice massage will be in order.

  2. i know the lighter color will brighten the room up a lot, but i sure loved that wood!

  3. Good for you! I love this Tina! It's gorgeous! Too bad for the non-believers. Your assistant looks about as ambitious as mine! Some help they are...but good company when they are awake. Looking forward to seeing those doors.

  4. I LOVE it Tina!! The colors you have chosen are beautiful and fresh. That's it... I have decided to get off my booty and DO in our house. So much needs to be done but there are projects I can do without the hunny's reconstruction. I'm even going to paint things (while he's at work) that will be ripped out and re-done. I'm just sick of looking at ugly. Thanks for inspiring me!

  5. Lookin' good so far! You go girl:@)

  6. love it, tina! it's so much brighter! you need a new assistant:)

  7. You did a great job! I usually like the look of wood, but this paint is not too heavy looking. It's very nice--I like it. I would LOVE to have all that cabinet space for my office area. Can't wait to see your pretties added!

  8. I love it! I have no clue how you're doing all this but what an awesome job! I love all the cabinets and such a large desk area. Can't wait to see it when all the "pretties" are added.


  9. Why is it that ALL men hate painted wood? I love your new space-it is bright and "breathable". Can't wait to see it all pulled together. You're doing a good job. Love the looks of your new header. xo Diana

  10. I love the color combination! I can't wait to see the finished room.

  11. you're doing a great job! I did love the original wood as well. :)
    good to see you!

  12. Tina, it's looking so good! I can't wait to see the finished room.

  13. Very cool color, Tina! I can't wait to see photos of your entire room. I bet it's going to be fabulous.

  14. I way prefer it painted. Well done!

  15. OH I LOVE it my husband has this attachment to wood too and sometime I will be painting over it. Brave smart woman you are it is looking wonderful. B

  16. I could comment on how awesome the redo will be, how great it looks, how I understand about muscles and aches, but all I can think about is how your assistant sleeps like a log.

  17. What a lovely transformation! I look forward to seeing the finished room.

    I have just discovered your blog and I'm enjoying it immensely. I invite you to visit mine when you have time.


  18. It's looking gorgeous!! What do men know? Don't answer that....why get in even MORE trouble? Can't wait to see it all decked out!!

  19. That first coat of paint is always the hardest, but it's looking gorgeous now, Tina! You're going to love your bright cheery room when you're done and if the men folk don't, all the better for you, my dear. hehe

  20. Tina,
    sometimes a girl just needs to take the brush into her own hands! It's a good thing the decorating isn't left in "most" men's hands! I did like the wood and woud have a hard time painting it, but once I do, I love it so much better! It's looking fabulous, can't wait to see the finished room!
    Hard for me to believe it's been a year also! Thankfully, no problems since then at all!

  21. Your cabinets look Fabulous!!! Can't wait for the fun part reveal! I think our men could use a support group to help them through times and projects like this. :-)
    Mary Alice

  22. Looks awesome! My husband curls up in a ball and rocks every time I want to paint wood....I guess they're all alike!


  23. Ooooooh! Can't wait to see how this one ends!!

  24. Thank you so much for the inspiration! Love the AS colors...the cabinet look amazing!! Love your blog, we will be back soon for peeks at your painting projects! Please stop by some time and visit!!

    xox Glad & Celia

  25. Thank you so much for the inspiration! Love the AS colors...the cabinet look amazing!! Love your blog, we will be back soon for peeks at your painting projects! Please stop by some time and visit!!

    xox Glad & Celia

  26. WOWZA! Very impressive. Jobs like that sometimes overwhelm me but like you said, boy do they pay off. This is going to be SO gorgeous, I can just tell!! Can't wait to see it completed and "fluffed".



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