April 22, 2014

The Answer

 "Do I have any clean underwear?" says Magoo.
I stare at him for a moment and wonder how it is possible that he would think
that he lives in a world where he would have no clean underwear.
How did this irrational fear develop?  
Why is his drawer so full that I can't stuff another pair of his man undies in there if I tried?  
Oh, how I've tried.
I cleaned out his drawers and tossed out the oldies...the meltdown wasn't pretty.
Obviously the trauma was too much.
How can I expect him to feel safe and secure in his world with only 62 pairs to his name?

I have found the answer. 

This amuses me to no end.  Him, not so much.
If you also have a hubby with this disorder, you can find these thru Archie McPhee.
I'm ordering our friend Siggy for him, too.
The ONLY action figure that peers into the depths of your subconscious.
Time for an intervention.


  1. too funny!

    i've been guilty of the same disorder - rummaging in my own undie drawer only to find 25 pair i didn't know existed - and who now have lost all their elasticity due to old age. :)

  2. THAT is hysterical. I HAVE to get one of those dolls. MyHero works at the psych center you know---lol--and he has WAY more underwear than I do!!!! xo Diana

  3. My hubby.....it is his shoes. Now mind you, he wears a size 13. "Where are my shoes?" Me: have you looked in your closet? Him: "that isn't where I left them!!" Me (in my head) Really????!!!????

  4. I have a Charles Dickens action figure. That is all.

  5. Thanks for the good laugh. My late sweetie had the underwear thing AND the size 13 shoe thing going on. He thought ragged, holey drawers "were just starting to get comfortable." haha And the shoes...don't even get me started about how many pairs of shoes he had, bless his heart. :)

  6. Tooo funny! Sounds like my hubby for sure. Can't throw anything away no matter how horrid the condition. Honestly he has more undies, sweaters and socks than I do.

  7. Archie McPhee has so many useful things for sale! My friends got me the Crazy Cat Lady action figure a few years back. It's perfect.

  8. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha......

  9. You are so funny! Loved this!

    I tend to hold on to old undies, too, even when they are stretched out. There's this sense that I might need them some day. :-)

  10. Hysterical!! and Reeeeeeediculous! Sam has asked me the same question. I asked him when, in our 23 years of marriage has he NOT had some clean underwear. His answer...probably sometime. Um no.

  11. too funny...and a little too true over here:) thanks for the smile, tina!

  12. Thank you for the morning chuckle over my cup of coffee :)

  13. I really like your blog and I've nominated you for a Liebster Award. See my blog post about the nomination here... http://theposhpulp.com/liebster-award-nomination/.

  14. Tina,
    all I have to say is.....to funny!

  15. Love these Tina! I would get these for mine. What is it with men and their undies? Lol I would sell these at the store. Too funny!

  16. So funny. I'm getting these for all three of my boys. They all need it. Actually, I could probably use one too.

  17. This is spectacular!!!!! I must get some for Phil.



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