September 5, 2014

Seasons Change

Greetings from the yard.

It is September.  
Fall is here and Mr. Green Jeans looks spectacular in the dead leaves.

Sleepy head.

This red winged blackbird fancies himself a ladies man.
I asked him politely to shut the hell up.
He's a real loudmouth.
I can't believe I got this shot.

I think this is Ratatouille as a squirrel.

Lucy came to play and comfort her friends.

She's a goofy girl and as sweet as can be.

Sophia Lucia Ricardo.
Known in these parts as Sophie Sass Mouth.

Get out of the pool, Mom.
I am not coming in. 
Never, ever, ever.  Ever.

I laughed at this squirrel.  What is he looking at?  
Probably my hairdo.

Sir Cornholio and his cob.
Do you think he'd wear a pilgrim hat?

Thanks to all of you for the sweet words you left about Henry.
They touch my heart more than you know.


  1. Great pics, I love the first one! Have a fun weekend:@)

  2. Great photos. Looks like Mister Squirrel is storing up for winter. Love the sweet doggie faces. xo Laura

  3. These are beautiful photographs, Tina. Absolutely stunning. I know you are still missing your sweet boy.

  4. I'm so glad Lucy came back to visit! Mr. Green Jeans sure provides you with a lot of entertainment. That bird picture is very snapped him mid-yap! Now I double dog dare you to make that squirrel a tiny pilgrims hat.

  5. Those critters sure do look cute when they are sitting in trees and eating corn. Their cousins Chip & Dale however chew holes in everything and love to sneak in our garage.

  6. you get grey squirrels! we only get fox. big behemoths, they are. :)

  7. I can't believe the animals you've captured with your camera in your wildlife preserve aka back yard, Tina! Our squirrels are looking mighty skinny compared to yours, so I'm thinking I should bbq some burgers for them this weekend.

    Love, love, love your blog header! It gave me a good chuckle to see pumpkins falling from the trees. :)

  8. Great photos. They make me want to get out in my yard and take pictures of all the critters.

  9. Tina, your photography is beautiful and what wonderful shots you got of all the animals.Some (or most) of them are unbelievable. You could put a hat on that little squirrel using Picmonkey. How funny would that be? and the little chair holding the corn cob. Are you sure your didn't choreograph that?!!..Happy Weekend..Judy

  10. What amazing pics!! I love sleepy head, and the dogs are so sweet.

  11. A friend of ours tried to give us a baby squirrel ... it has to eat every 2 hours. NO!!! My little boy's upset because he wanted it but YOU know who would have to take care of it. Not to mention I hate squirrels. They're glorified RATS.
    Tina, your photos are beautiful!

  12. How funny that you commented on my repurposed squirrel t-shirt and I hop over to your blog to see all the squirrels! :o)


  13. Puppy dogs and squirrels are my favorites!!! These are wonderful photos! My mama squirrel in Orlando had a cut ear like one of yours here.
    I've been thinking about you.

  14. lucy has such a sweet face! and bruce won't get wet? bailey won't come out of a pool:) what great photography, tina! have a great week!

  15. What fabulous photos! All the squirrels on my block are in trouble with me because they keep breaking into my birdseed storage containers and building themselves a buffet line. Aaaarhh! I don't have a pilgrim's hat but I do have a sombrero that would fit that squirrel. Would that work?

  16. Dear Tina - the animal whisperer - All Creatures Great and Small - Miss Tina simply loves them all.
    You are so special girlfriend - you know that, right?

  17. A play day for the kids. How fun for you. You feed your squirrels? I'm afraid to feed mine. They think they own my house as it is.

  18. Don't you have to have some kind of a zoo license to have all that? My sister lets squirrels come into her bedroom and they feed them peanuts!! Of course, she's in South Florida and she drinks a bit.

  19. Oh, girlie! I loved the squirrels in my Georgia backyard until they moved INTO the eaves of my house! What a nightmare! No squirrel feeding for me!

  20. Oh, your critter pics are sooo adorable!! That little squirrel made me smile. Love the photos.

  21. You are a fantastical photographer! I love all these shots! And I hope that damn bird shuts the hell up.



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