October 6, 2014


I have been the lucky winner of some wonderful giveaways lately.
I have also been the recipient of some lovely gifts from the hearts of my BB's.
(That's Blog Buddies for you regular peeps.)

Suzan loves these Willow Tree figurines- aren't they so her?
Every time I look at this one (called Gratitude) I smile.
This was a very special giveaway.

This was part of Suzan's giveaway...Annie Sloan fragrance collection in Paris, of course.
Her gracious friend, Caroline, sent me the diffuser and it smells wonderful.
It's also very elegant and beautiful.
As soon as my desk is cleared, it will reside there.

Donna had a giveaway celebrating the new Make It Monday party.
I got to choose from her Etsy shop.
I have plans for these little goodies.

The biggest gift that I have received from blogging is that of friendship.
I know that you have all heard it before, but it's so true.
We find our people here.
And though we are miles apart, we are connected.
As bloggers, yes- but more so as women.
Women who really and truly care about one another.
I would have never met so many wonderful, talented, kind, loving
crazy ass lunatics like myself.
True sisters of the heart.
Different, yet the same.
My people.

I look around my home and I smile at all the reminders of this...

Thank you, Bliss!
These beauties are custom made by B's daughter.
They are cake testers.
In my house, they are husband stabbers.
Every once in awhile he needs a little poke in the butt.
I poke that man in high style with these babies.

These beautiful hydrangeas arrived one day- I love hydrangeas, but I can't grow them in my yard.
Kirby sent them as a surprise.
Or maybe she forgot...or maybe I forgot.
They make me happy, like I've got sunshine on a cloudy day.
Thanks, Buttercup.

Kris is featured in this gorgeous issue- and she autographed it, too.
I had to persuade her, but she's nice like that.
She also has a lovely guest room waiting for me to visit- with chocolates.
Even though Susan got there first.

Danni risked her life fighting with this wild stuff.
I'd never had real bittersweet- it sure doesn't grow around here.
I loved having it all around the house last fall.
Thank you for not including the spiders.
I would have had to send you scary doll parts in retaliation.

And last, but certainly not least....Donna.
You know how much this means to me- it will be a forever keep.
I still get teary when I look at it, but mostly I feel the comfort from another soul who understands.
Thank you, dear sweet lady.

Now, it's time for me to have a long overdue giveaway.

All you need to do is comment here on the blog.
If you haven't liked The Keeping Room on FB, I'd appreciate the click.
It's not necessary to win.  You can ignore it completely.
Nothing will happen.
You know I think all that jumping thru hoops stuff is a bunch of nonsense.

Ok, get to the good part, you say....

I'm going to pick two winners next Monday, Oct. 13.

In your comment, choose one of the following catagories:

Feisty Frenchy
Monogrammed Myrtle
Disturbed Delilah 
Vintage Vixen
Bat Sh+t Bertha

Comment to your hearts content if you feel that you just can't commit to one choice.
Comment all day, every day...no rules.
How's that for some radical stimulus?

Now, I must run off to get my nails done...I ruined my manicure with paint.
Big surprise, hmmm?

Good luck everyone!


  1. You are just a Texas softy aren't 'ya? Up here in Minnesota I'm just a vintage vixen.

  2. Batshit says: thanks for the shout out! I got TWO today, which makes me extra lucky! I also won THREE books and I will be writing about it. YAY!!!

  3. How wonderful!! You are totally deserving my friend. Some really beautiful treasures to "keep". :)

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win one of these treats! I think my first choice would be Vintage Vixen. That is me after all ~ :)


  4. Oh you got some fun goodies-congrats! Love the husband poker:@) Of course I'd ask to be added to the Batshit Crazy List, Halloween is bat season after all:@)

  5. This vintage vixen is admiring all your lovely gifts.. They sure are keepers!

  6. Your photos of all your winnings and gifts are wonderful, Tina! I especially love the photo of your bittersweet vine. I never knew they actually flowered! So, so pretty!

    Thanks for offering a giveaway! I guess I would be Monogram Myrtle? I'm guessing here. :)


    *I read and enjoyed your answers to the 50 questions.

  7. Monogrammed Myrtle here...at least I think so. :) Sweet post, sweet girl. And I agree, the friendships are just precious.

  8. Aww...what a great post. I have been blessed with gifts from some wonderful people I met here, too.
    You have some really WONDERFUL treasures.
    I won't sign up for your giveaway because I have been truly blessed with things I have received from bloggers, too. I hope someone wins that has NEVER won before! xo Diana

  9. I enjoyed your photos of all your wonderful gifts in blog land. Of course you've received sweet gifts because you're a sweet funny woman. I agree about the bond that forms and the support and friendship of fellow bloggers. It truly warms my heart.
    I'm in on your giveaway ... Frenchie. My giveaway starts on the 7th, Edgar Allan Poe giveaway.

  10. Tina, you are just crazy. Way more than Bat S**T Crazy!! Speaking of, look for my post on Tuesday sometime. I mentioned you there BTW, and speaking of the BSC's I would like to enter your give-away and guess what I'm choosing? Just call me Bertha!! Also, congrats on all your wins. Really beautiful things and how nice to be thought of in such a wonderful way...Happy Tuesday..Judy

  11. Aw, you have gotten some fun stuff girl! You are more than welcome and I would battle an army of evil spiders for you! Although lately I feel like Batsh*t Bertha, I would like to be more like Vintage Vixen!

  12. Look at all your fun stuff! And beautiful photos, of course. I'm going to have to classify myself as a cross between Batsh+t Bertha and Disturbed Delilah. But you already knew that....


  13. Such lovely and sweet gifts. I totally agree... this blogland is some wonderful place. I'm definitely a Vintage Vixen.

  14. Feisty Frenchy Feisty Frenchy Feisty Frenchy! *Must yell while jumping up and down and wildly flailing raised arm*

  15. Disturbed Delilah - because I once had a cat named Delilah. She wasn't too disturbed, though. I have been on a lucky roll before, and it was fun getting goodies. You received some wonderful things. It was your turn to be lucky! Best wishes! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  16. You act like a Hard-Hearted Hannah, but underneath you are as soft as a Snicker in the Texas heat. I am so gals you like your giveaway prize. I knew Sympathy was yours the minute i heard the news. Thank you, dear friend! And, of course, since you did not include F***ing Fine, I choose Batsh*t Crazy!

  17. Well well well - look at you go !
    What gorgeous gifts you've received Tina
    I just adore those cake testers - oh and that photo of the little boy and dog - that's just gorgeous !
    Have a great day girlfriend,
    Disturbed Delilah

  18. I'm on Facebook but I'm really not crazy about it, in general. I didn't even know about your Keeping Room until I saw this blog entry. I do enjoy receiving your blog by email. Love from Bat Sh+t Bertha in East TX

  19. Love this post, Tina! You made me laugh, as always! I'm intrigued with the 'vintage vixen' :)
    p.s. please don't hate me that I stayed in 'your' room at Kris's! I was just making sure that it was up to par for you...btw, it is! ;)

  20. You're such a dear. This post reminds me that I was going to send you some hydrangeas! Yep, that's what kind of friend I am.


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