November 25, 2014

Reach out your hand...

You don't have to understand is mine and mine alone.

There is no hidden meaning or agenda.

It is not about race relations, religion, politics or anything else but this-

Reach out.  Reach up.  Just keep reaching towards something.

There is always, always HOPE.

I started crafting the other day and this is what my hands and my heart created.

I bought a set of these tiny ceramic hands on etsy.
I think they are adorable.
I glued a screw onto the bottom of the hand, placed it into a hole drilled into a slice of wood.
It's sitting on top of a white pumpkin surrounded by twigs and string and bay leaves
that were on my table from creating other things.

I love will be a special keep.

One I'll look to as a reminder whenever I'm feeling less than brave

or simply overwhelmed by life.

Hoping your week is filled with hope, love, laughter-
and pie.
Lots of pie.

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  1. Oh my. perfection. Just as art should to interpretation. Love.

  2. Hands provide such wonderful ways for people to express themselves. Art that speaks. In a tiny, but loud voice.

  3. This is just beautiful Tina! Very thoughtful! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  4. A lovely little piece of art to inspire us all, Tina! Happy Thanksgiving and may you have plenty of pies to choose from!

  5. But of course this is not a seasonal decoration, because we need hope all year long.

  6. I like it - it sort of reminds me to keep "reaching for the stars."

  7. it reminds me of my "soul" bracelet...I get it! Be blessed my are a blessing!

  8. A beautiful message portrayed in such a sweet way. Thank you, my gifted friend. ~Ann

  9. Whatever it's about...I love it! I can say that now that Donna has already commented on here! LOL!

  10. Precious. What a sweet message it is.

  11. it's so sweet, tina! my dil just gave me a little ceramic arm just like yours from a necklace she bought. it creeped her out--i love it:) hope your thanksgiving was wonderful!

  12. Really beautiful, Tina. It could mean anything to anybody. I love whatever would be the thinking behind it..Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful..Happy Weekend..Judy

  13. Simply beautiful Tina. It reminds me to continue to believe that anything is possible.

  14. Normally these little porcelain doll parts give me the willies -but this is beautiful Tina - so delicate - just precious !

  15. Hope you and your family had a wonderful weekend!


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