February 19, 2015

Sunshine for My Freezing Friends

I just wanted to share some sunny photos from the last few weeks.
Hang in there, girlfriends!
Green grass will come.

The bees are already busy here in the south.

There is an abundance of cheerful singing in gratitude for the sunshine.

Hello, old friend.

Lots of citrus for sunshine on the inside.

And warm naps in the sun.

Wishing you sunny days ahead...


  1. we have sunshine today, but we keep getting these silly freezes! spring is late this year! i've only mowed a bit of lawn once! by now it's usually an every other week or so thing...

  2. Tina, our spring has come too soon. We haven't even had winter yet! And, I'm complaining? I would gladly exchange some sunshine for a little bit of snow..Happy Thursday..Judy

  3. There is a dash in front of our temperature today. You just elicited a bunch of grunts from me until that puppy photo!

  4. Boy, do I wish I had a fresh tomato! Sea gulls are gathered in the parking lot of the shopping center - means frigid temps tonight.

  5. Thanks for the hopeful photos. So lovely!

  6. Tina,
    Philadelphia is locked into arctic temps! Tomorrow will be with chill factor -25. So thank you for your photos and trust me when our plump Robin Redbreast returns I will be thrilled. Oh how sweet the puppy is.

  7. Awe. That puppy melted my heart!

  8. Well hold that thought for me up here. MIght not see green grass till May, but sunshine should be popping in before then from time to time. And since comments make you do the bootie dance, I say post a video of that.

  9. Omigosh, all I can say is PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ooops...forgot to take off capslock.

  10. Count me among the frigid... Love the pics and of course that adorable little ball of energy that's recharging:@)

  11. This is our first winter in NC and it's really cold! We were down in the single digits! I'm ready for spring!!
    Kisses for that sweet pup!

  12. ahhhhh....beautiful sunshine. So glad SOMEONE has some ;)

  13. A little bit jelly because i AM in the South and we ain't got no stinkin' green grass yet! :) I'm spying some little fluffs of green sprouts trying to sneak in though. Soon enough. Warm rain today makes me happy. I've thawed out from our teen lows. Puppy is too adorable. p.s. LOVE your header photos. Thinking about a change with color over here!

  14. After days and days in the 70s in Fort Worth, it's now approaching freezing and we expect to be iced in tomorrow. Looks like we'll get a lot of packing done! :)

  15. i can't see anything but the sweet puppy!

  16. Beautiful photos! It's raining and cold here today.... Bla!
    Your header is so pretty. Love the yellow lemons!

  17. Thank you for the virtual sun! We can sure use it here. There's sweet little Miss Cherub. I've got a fridge full of clementines and my blue Ball mason jars, I think I'll make some sort of cocktail. Cheers!


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