March 1, 2015

Painted Bread Board

 I started collecting old bread boards about 14 years ago.
The first splurge was from Inessa Stewart in Dallas.
I bought two large round boards and I was beyond thrilled to have them.
Some of them hung up the back staircase for years.
Some of them I have used for my artistic pursuits.

We all know that the itchy twitchy paint brush can't be denied.

This morning I felt like making something.
Magoo and the pups were snoozing away and I hopefully had a few hours of 
semi clear thinking before the chaos descended upon me.
I brushed on a mixture of several ASCP colors.
I had mixed the color when I had a small amount left in the cans, 
so I'm sorry that I can't give you a very accurate way to reproduce the color.
I'm guessing that it's Louis or Aubusson with some Graphite.
I watered it down to get the muted look I wanted.

I created a reverse transfer on PicMonkey and applied it with CitruSolve,
let it dry and then waxed it with MMS clear wax.

I used a sweet brown cow cabinet knob as the hanger,
(from Hobby Lobby)
and hung some small dried hydrangeas that I found hanging in the garage.

I am quite pleased.

I'm off to make dinner and finish the laundry now, 
but I did something for myself today and it feels good.
I've had a few weeks of "MOM! Can you help me?" from the manchildren,
and new puppy takes up a lot of my time.
Jack Henry is an escape artist...more monkey than puppy.

He seems to dislike Bruce's wardrobe.

Bruce must retire to his favorite chair for a nap and hope that 
the tiny monkey doesn't escape from the kitchen.

It's tough work being a big brother.

I hope you find the time to make something pretty this week!

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  1. great vintagey look. bruce does look tired!

  2. Love your doggies!! Nothing like a puppy to keep you on your "feet"! My Sweet Pea is also an escape artist! Not in the winter, but look out the rest of the year!

  3. Your pups are adorable! Love your hanger, it's perfect for your board!

  4. Love the bread board. I thought you had a stuffed calf. I know all about the twitchy paint brush - I painted all day yesterday in 45 degree weather and now have a room of things with paint curing. I never get tired of looking at Bruce and Jack Henry.

  5. Love it, Tina. It looks like you found it in an antique shop somwhere. Glad you had a bit of time to yourself to do something fun. The kids and pups really can intrude on your dream life and make you aware of REAL life! lol xo Diana

  6. Your bread board is pretty Tina. It's nice to steal a few minutes alone especially if you're being creative. You always have the coolest projects. Cute doggies too!

  7. Love the bread board, Tina! I'm glad you had a little time to get your craft on before the boys woke up. That little babe is sure a cutie!

  8. Looks like a real antique! You're so very talented. You're also very energetic to have a puppy! They're so adorable and yet so much work. I hope Bruce adjusts to the little monkey. :)


  9. Your doggies are so sweet! That bread board is lovely and rustic looking. I love the brown cow knob!.

  10. Men and a puppy?? I'm surprised you found anytime for yourself. lol My hubby and son always need me to find their stuff! lol I guess I don't really mind. :) I love the name Jack Henry! Great photos!

  11. Love the color and the way that turned out - very vintage.

  12. Tina, I think your bread board turned out beautifully, I pinned it and I love the little calf head. It certainly does look like Bruce is tired out from being a big brother but JH must be such fun..Happy (almost) Monday..Judy

  13. I'm glad you had a little time for yourself, lovin' the knob! The pups sure are cute:@)

  14. So pretty Tina! What a fun thing to collect! I love that graphic and I have never tried citrasolve, but I want to. Love that cow head knob too. You are so creative and as always, your pics are gorgeous. Glad you did something for you!

  15. Did I miss the fact that Charlie wasn't staying permanently with you?

  16. Your bread board looks like a very high end antique, completely swoon worthy.
    Jack Henry's got the devil in his gaze, and Bruuuuuce is just so sweet.

  17. LOVE the bread board, tina! bruce looks so cute in his outit...tired, but cute:

  18. You bring a baby home and all heck breaks loose. At least you don't have yuckky diapers to change. And the board is awesome!!

  19. Tina ... WOW I love what you did to the breadboard! Your photos of Jack Henry and Bruce are adorable. Bruce on the chair - too cute!

  20. PUPPY!!! And, of course, I love the cow. Myooooooo.....


  21. Tina,
    I love what you did with the breadboard. Love little Jack Henry and Bruce too sweet.

  22. I really do love that bread board! Puppies are like toddlers and I surely am NOT ready to go down that road anytime soon. Trust me! :) Jack Henry is a cutie though. Poor Bruce. LOL!

  23. Wow friend that was an amazing project, I love it. I might put some hydrangeas in my garage so I can just go out and get them one day. Cut pups

  24. Seriously, this should be the last test. Famous last words LOL!

  25. Awe So cute.....and I love what you did with your breadboard. I looks like it was always that way! Great work!

  26. That breadboard turned out amazing Tina - love love love that Cow !
    And I'm grinning from ear to ear with Bruce and his little brother, the monkey LOL
    Have a wonderful day

  27. LOVE that board!! How gorgeous!! Bruce looks pretty content in that chair!


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