April 14, 2015

Herbs, Herb

This is a a public service announcement, dear friends.
Get in your car, drive to Hobby Lobby and buy some of these burlap bags.
I filled mine with herbs and hung them on the fence next to our outdoor kitchen.

Easy, easy, easy and so convenient. 
They are lined and have a drain hole in the bottom.
Go, go, go.

I bought mine a few months ago, but I'd really love a few more.
I'll be heading over soon.

In my world, any trip to HL requires a stop at Whataburger.
Both of the nearest stores have a Whataburger in plain site.

In Texas, you just have to stop and get a burger.
Number 7, no tomatoes, with a Coke for me.
Spicy ketchup.

Locals know that it's almost impossible to come away without a mustard stain.
Seriously, it's one of those secrets of the universe.

So if you see a lady at HL with a messy ponytail and mustard on her shirt...
please do say hello.
I'll race you to the clearance aisle!

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  1. oh, you're too cute! and you made me hungry! darn it! love the burlap bags. really cute idea!

  2. I bet HL has marked them all down and shoved those bags out the door. Cute idea though! You have Whataburger's in Texas!?! We have to drive a ways to get to one.

  3. The bags are adorable, lovin' the metal pig too:@) I hope they have a few more for you!

  4. Love those burlap bags. They look like a perfect size for so many things. That pic of fries has made me hungry. Gotta go find me some dinner now. I hope I have some fries in the freezer.

  5. I love this idea Tina! No HL near me though ... wonder if I could make them instead. One more thing added to my to do list. I'll have them ready by summer 2017. Maybe. Happy Tuesday!

  6. Why did my comment not show up?

    1. Are you on your tablet? Mine don't show up from my iPad sometimes. ;(

  7. Those are stinkin' cute! Gosh, I wish I had a south facing window in my kitchen because I'd put them in cans then the burlap and have them in the window. Those would make such cute friendship gifts too. ;)

  8. What a great idea, and it looks awesome as well. I am always on the lookout for ways to dress up a fence, I may just have to try this. I'm in NJ so my herbs are still indoors but it won't be long now!!

  9. I LOVE Whataburger!! The band would live off that and BBQ whenever we were in Austin for South By Southwest. Thank you for sharing the burlap sack 411! Seriously, I have a fence like that just outside my dining room, and I've wanted to hang plants from it, but haven't decided how to do it. This would be the perfect solution, and it's so pretty. And I love the cocktail plaque! How great is that? Cheers. :) xox

  10. Tina,
    Those bags are really cute, HL is my favorite place, so glad I have one close! If Whataburger is anything like In and Out Burger in CA, I'm totally jealous! We have neither here. Making me burger hungry!!

  11. Those are darn tootin' cute..you can bet I'll be having a few. Mmmm....burger and a coke

  12. Haha The mustard on the shirt is so us. I love your gorgeous burlap plant bags. Looks so inviting and chef like!! I wish we had more craft store choices here in Canada. We seem to have Michaels and that's about it.

  13. I love ideas that are beautiful and practical and this totally checks both boxes! Very inspiring, Tina. A trip to Hobby Lobby in my world means setting aside a good 2-3 hours, I can seriously spend that much time in there! ~Ann
    Tarnished Royalty

  14. i've not seen these--very cute! they look great on your fence, too, tina! LOVE hobby lobby!

  15. I went to a Whataburger the last time I went to OKC. It was not nearly as good as my memory of how good it was. Ruined the whole fantasy! But I'm going to try again in a couple of weeks. I like the fries too. And when I'm in OKC I will likely go to HL at least 20 times. Those bags are great!

  16. Cool bags and cool idea. I don't think we have Whataburger her. Darn.

  17. I wonder if Whataburger tastes as good as In and Out Burger :) Those burlap bags hold lots of possibilities! I think I'll have to visit a Hobby Lobby soon :)


  18. Love your Hanging Herbs! I'm pretty sure Philly and I ate at a Whataburger once and I'm pretty sure it was darn delicious.


  19. We have no Whattaburger here and the Hobby Lobby isn't yet open. That explains why I'm bored, but not why I'm fat.

  20. Oh, I love those hanging plants. I haven't seen a Whataburger in ages, but we used to go there all the time when I was in school -- sounds good! :)

  21. The burlap bags are a cute way to hang your plants. A great idea! Enjoy your day!

  22. Oh my gosh, this is fabulous. I saw this link from Debbie who got it from Theresa and not these ideas are spreading like wildflowers! Beautiful creations.

  23. Texas? North Texas? If so why are we not BFF's? LOL I love these burlap bags! Of course I didn't think of anything near this cute to do with mine. I'm pinning!

  24. Love those adorable bags~ I couldn't help but chuckle...me and best friend always joke about running to the clearance racks. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  25. Amen to the Whataburger! My husband has a friend moving back here from Salt Lake City...the man is looking forward to Whataburger more than anything.

    Have I ever asked you where you live? We are in Rockwall.

    Love the burlap bags and the way you hung them. I bet you could think of lots of things to do with those. ;)

    So glad you shared this at Thoughts of Home! Pinning.


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