October 12, 2015

1915 Mental Efficiency Series- Personality

One of my favorite things to collect is books.
I LOVE books.
To all of the recent popularity of getting rid of books and other clutter,
I say NO.  Not happening here.  No. No. No.
Back away from the books and no one gets hurt.

I may have a tendency towards the ridiculous...gasp.
I can tell you that I fell in love with this trio at first sight.
I couldn't wait to get home and open them up and see what bits of wisdom
would fly off the worn pages and I wasn't disappointed.
The year was 1915 and the author had a strong opinion on the matter of personality.

It's my personal opinion that he should have read the Common Sense edition 
before he inserted so many feet into his mouth.

 So today we tackle Personality- How To Build It.
Or rather how NOT to.

 In order to form my personality,
 I must exercise care and vigilance and possess energetic sincerity.
(Must it be energetic? What's wrong with languorous? It's hot outside.)
This personality business might be too much work.
I do have determination and perseverance by the gallons.
Perspicacity?  I'm all over that one.

That's a word I'm fond of.
But keep reading- the author says we need to 
make our enemies and our best friends tractable.

Well, no.  I don't want to make my friends tractable (I prefer them to have their own mind) and why waste time on enemies?
Do I have enemies?  Where are they and how will I know them? 

Why do I feel like I'm in The Importance of Being Earnest???
Quick, grab the muffins!

Assholery abounds.

One hundred years...
Are we any better off? 
Let's ponder.

To wrap things up-

I think I might owe my child an apology for the constant correction.

Mama, can we read the cyclopedia?
Smarty pants 5 year old.  True story.

I bet your kids said it, too.

I'd better look up swamich (sandwich) right now.

Have a great week and let that personality shine!


  1. One reason I love old books - all the "wisdom" found in them. Thank you for tonight's laugh.

  2. I like to pick up old books about *absurd* topics, too. I can't remember the last time I did, or what they were about, but they had to be as equally as nutty as yours! And, there is no way I'm letting them go, either! They have been packed away for years, but once we unpack from our recent move and put up bookshelves and decorate, they are going out in full view! Thanks for the laugh!

  3. Ah ha ha ha ha. Maybe if you were a more tactful and shrewd mom you would of known it was a real word.

  4. I love reading those old books! I've got some Health magazines from the turn of the century and some of the cures are pretty funny. Our oldest daughter came home from kindergarten and told us she learned all about zip up coats. Huh? Zip codes. Keep those books!

  5. GREAT post! I love those old books, too. I find a lot of humor in what people saw as truth so many times. yes-my kids had wonderful words of wisdom when they were little. xo Diana

  6. Seriously, I need to pay attention to the book section on my junking adventures. You found some doozies. :) My new favorite word: Assholery. ;) Thanks Sista!

  7. *whispering* I am getting rid of books. But not the wonderful ones, like yours. After all, what would I do without Mrs. Duffey??

  8. Today I am so tired that you could probably make me tractable. I will probably become wayward again once I get another burst of steam - fair warning.

  9. Tooo funny Tina. Love old books too. These are great.

  10. Hi Tina,
    I too would of snatched up the trio of books. I love your comments (love your personality and wit) and laughed myself silly as I read from the book. I agree with your assessment of the books advice ... Assholery!

  11. Tina, those books are fabulous...I would have wrestled you to the ground for them...LOL I too love books..we had more boxes of books to move than we did anything else. But that's okay...I will not be getting rid of them. I love reading through some of the old books to see if or how things have changed. What I find is that haven't really changed that much...but the way we discuss the content has! Have a great day!

  12. Assholery indeed! It is fun to see these older books. Don't you wonder what our kids/grands will see a hundred years from now? May not be any books though due to technology. :/ This reminds me of one of the managers in a savings and loan I worked in while in Amarillo. She was definitely of the "old" school and I think all of us younger girls drove her batty! She told us she was putting a book in the break room and wanted all of us to read it. One of the things we died laughing about was the admonishment *not* to wear heels with open toes/backs....men would lust after us. Can you imagine??? IF a male did lust after toes/heels in shoes, I think there were greater problems.

    I love books too! I did gave away a few before I moved but they were some that I wasn't interested in anymore. That rarely happens, I have to say.


  13. such fun! thank you. :) I love books and haven't read all the ones I have and yet i continue buying more. :)
    hope your October is beautiful for you!
    hugs to your pups!

  14. Tina, do you think I have been sharing my special gifts all this time to a crowd devoid of imagination? I think not, I hope not, otherwise I will have to stand in front of the mirror and flatter my own adsurdity. Great find. I'm an old book lover too. Usually I just buy them if they have a pretty cover. I guess I'll have to start reading some of them!..Happy Hump Day, my friend.xxo Judy

  15. You are so talented with your words. I love this post! My 36 year old daughter still says swamich. Clever clever. I don't know if I own a book younger than 20. Well maybe one or two.

  16. Tina,
    those books are to funny! I love old books, really, any books and can't resist buying them at yard sales, flea markets, etc. Most of mine I've read and only get rid of ones I really didn't enjoy reading. Would definitely would have challenged you for those books! Great take on them as usual!

  17. I just donated most of my books, kept a few, to the apartment complex for the residents. I just don't have the room. To the question: Are we better off? Well, everywhere I go, parents are glued to their smart phones. When do they spend time with their children? When are they actually PRESENT in their lives? One hundred years ago there was not the technology there is today. And though people toiled on farms and worked hard and long, I bet their children got more attention than they do today. Just my two cents.

  18. Bahahaha Thanks for the laugh! Cheers.


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